A couple of local Sydney Northern Beaches families (who just happen to be lovely friends of mine) have come up with this fantastic idea of protecting your car seat from……..well just about EVERYTHING!!  With 7 kids and 9 surfers between them, they needed something to protect their seats (and their bottoms) from getting a WET PATCH!  The idea was first hatched in 2012 when the dads got fed up of jumping in the the car from an early morning surf (still with wetsuit or swimmers on – for time saving purposes of course), rushing home for a quick shower and then discovering (on arrival at work) that they had a ‘wet patch’ on their nice clean work trousers from a damp car seat!!  Not a good look really as I’m sure you can imagine!
Image source: WETPATCH

So the WETPATCH Carseat Protector was born!  Once the idea took hold, they realised that you can use the WETPATCH Car Seat Protector for just about anything.  It has a unique Dry Seat technology that keeps your car seat clean and dry at all times, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Image source: WETPATCH
I was more than happy to give it a try when I was asked to review it, and I’ll even admit to being pleasantly surprised by just how much I’ve used it in the last week – and I’m not even a surfer!!

Here are the best ways I’ve used my WETPATCH Car Seat Protector over the last couple of week!

  1. Sitting on the beach watching the kids do Nippers Training.  It was a bit of a miserable afternoon and the sand was still wet from the early morning rain, so I put my WETPATCH under my towel and kept my both the towel and my bottom dry!
  2. Master J went to a camping birthday party last weekend and for those of you living in Sydney you might remember that it POURED with rain (and yes I was very grateful that it was not me camping!!).  He was very bedraggled and covered in mud when I picked him on Sunday morning.  Thank goodness for the WETPATCH – the car was still clean as a whistle when I got home – even though Master J was not!!
  3. I’ve put the WETPATCH underneath the baby carseat to stop it from leaving indentations in the leather.  Very handy if I do say so myself.
  4. I also used it to take Master J home from Nippers.  He jumps straight from the beach shower (got to get rid of the sand first) into the car – so there was no need to bother about packing a whole change of clothes and of course the seat stayed dry!!
  5. I’m sure Mr D will be using it to after his early morning surfs too, but after having a small operation on his wrist recently he hasn’t been able to surf just yet – but watch this space!

What do you think of this The WETPATCH Car Seat Protector Review? If you had one in your car what would you use it for??

The team at WETPATCH are kindly offering to giveaway a FREE WETPACH Car Seat Protector (worth $70) to whoever comes up with the best answer.  Enter your details below for your chance to win.  This offer is available to Australian Residents ONLY.

For more information, check out their website WETPATCH

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*Disclaimer:  I have not been paid to write this review however I was gifted the WETPATCH car seat protector used in my photographs.  All images and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

4 comments on “The WETPATCH Car Seat Protector Review”

  1. Master 6 would use it in the back of the car after swimming lessons. And hubby could use it on the driver’s seat when he’s covered in grease and oil from working on the car on the weekend but just needs to duck out to buy a spare part from an auto store.

  2. Hi, is it possible to order the Wet Patch Car Seat Protector from outside Australia ie from South Africa?

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