Now I know that water is the best drink you can give your kids, but lets face it – it’s pretty boring!!  I grew up not being allowed to drink any of those cool, brightly coloured and fizzy drinks because my mum said they used to send us loopy!!  Every time we chose a drink in the shop, she would look at the back of the packaging and say “No, you can’t have that one – it’s got too may E’s in it!” or “Absolutely not, that just full of ‘this’ or ‘that’!”  I can still hear her now as I’m typing this.  Little did I know at the time, but she was actually doing us a massive favour as all those E’s and other chemicals found in the ‘cool drinks’ can do some serious damage to our health.  I still couldn’t help having ‘drink envy’ as a child though, and it took me a good few years to realise that I wasn’t being totally deprived or that I didn’t really have the meanest mum in the world.

As a mum, I now find myself in the exact same situation as my mum was all those years ago.  I have Miss H, who can literally go an entire day without drinking a thing just so she doesn’t have to drink water, and Master J who has just discovered the lure of ‘fizzy drinks’.  I could take myself off on a fabulous day of pampering if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “Mum, can I have a coke today?”  “No!”  “Oh but muuuum, I’m the ONLY one at school that never gets to have one!  EVERYONE else gets a coke when they go to the canteen!”

I tried going cold turkey and giving them both nothing but water to drink as I was starting to get concerned by the amount of sugar nasties they were consuming.  (Especially as the warmer climate in Sydney has meant that they were drinking so much more ‘juice’ than they did in the UK).  Well……..the amount of whinging I got from that just gave me a headache, and as the stubborn little mini-me she is – Miss H just refused to drink altogether!  Great!  Well that one totally backfired on me, so I had to go to plan B, which was juice at meal times only!  Poor Mr D was just as confused as the kids by my ever changing juice rules!!

Please tell me I’m not the only mum out there with these problems??

So when Blogs and PR approached me and asked if I would like to come to a ‘bloggers brunch’ to celebrate the launch of a new Organic 100% fruit juice by Sunraysia, I jumped at the chance.

We met a fabulous Organic cafe in Sydney’s Rozzelle called About LIfe and as soon as I walked in I got a great feeling about Sunraysia.  Of course, the first thing I was offered was an ice-cold Sunraysia Organic 100% Juice Pouch (which I gladly accepted as it was so horribly hot and humid I was gasping).  I chose the tropical flavour and it was DELICIOUS!

It really does taste as yummy as that fruit looks.

While having a yummy brekkie we were lucky enough to listen to a talk from Amy McKendrick at My Nutrition Coach about healthy eating choices and learning how to spot and avoid nasties when buying our groceries.  Now I thought I was pretty good at buying the ‘right’ foods for my kids, but listening to Amy was a real eye opener!  I learnt so much and will definitely be blogging about it all soon.

SO having just tasted Sunraysia Organic 100% Juice, I was so excited to learn just how ‘clean’ they really are.  I couldn’t wait to take some home for the kids to try.  I learnt from Amy that when reading a products’ ingredients list, the top 3-4 generally make up most of the product!  Quite scary when you see how long some of the lists are.  A little task for you all:  take a look at at the ingredients list of your most favourite product and note of the top 3!  Let me know your thoughts!!

(here is a link to the Sunraysia Organic 100% Juice web advert.  It really does make you think!!!)

When you read the ingredients list on a Organic Sunraysia 100% Juice drink ALL that’s in it is fruit!  Thats it!!  Seriously not another thing!!  So in the orange juice, for example, the list of ingredients just says “organic orange juice”.  How cool is that??

The packaging is pretty awesome too.  It’s 100% BPA free (even the straw) and it very cleverly does not allow any oxygen into the juice keeping it fresh fresh fresh without the need to add any preservatives or nasties!

Miss H was my first taste tester and she had to open up every singel one to check which one she liked best!  Can you tell by her smile that they were ALL a hit? (especially the ‘purple’ berries)

So now that you’ve heard from me and why I was so impressed, the real test is WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK??

I think Miss H was just so excited that she was allowed to have ‘juice’ instead of water, she drank almost three in a row.  “So what do you think?” I asked her “YUMMY” she said, with a huge smile.  And that was all her fruit portions for the day in one hit too – so another point to mummy (and Sunraysia)

I took a bunch of samples that I had into the school playground that afternoon and gave them to the boys.  They were such a hit that I had a small crowd of thirsty (and grubby) little Kinders around me before I could blink!  They told me they were “SUPER YUM!”

Here is our top 5 ways to enjoy Sunraysia Organic 100% Juice:
  1. Drink it chilled straight out the fridge.
  2. Freeze it and put it in your lunch box (the squeezy pouch means it fits into just about any space).
  3. Freeze it, cut open the top and eat it with a spoon as a slushy (a firm favourite in our house).
  4. Mix a little with baby rice and it makes a delicious meal for any babies’ who are weaning.
  5. If you are lucky enough to have a thermomix (you know how I love mine), you can wizz it up with some frozen milk cubes and it makes the most delicious ice-cream.
So all that’s left is for you to try it for yourself.  You can find them in just about any supermarket and they are so reasonably priced at only $1.49 each or 5 for $5!!

If you would like to win a supply of Sunraysia Organic 100% Juices for your whole family for the ENTIRE SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, then just sign up to my blog and watch this space.  Competition details will be coming very soon……………………………

Thanks to Blogs and Pr, Birds of Prey PR, Sunraysia and About Life for a yummy brunch.

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**I have not been paid to write this review!  I just  love the product – it’s the new ‘cool’ juice in my books and it certainly got the seal of approval from the kids.   I was therefore more than happy to promote it**

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  1. Be very careful of these sorts of products. Even if NO ADDED SUGAR the amount can be quite staggering. Nature did not actually intend us to JUICE FRUIT! because the sugar intake if you do is really high. These 200ml organic juices contain a whopping 24grams of SUGAR which is about *6 teaspoons* and 5 grams above the whole of a child’s recommended daily intake. Let your kids drink water more often, with a bit of fruit juice, and cut back on 100% fruit juices altogether. Fruit isn’t actually meant to be consumed in juice form, not in nature’s opinion, as there is no way that much sugar is good for anyone.

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