Did that just make you smile and nod a lot???  Please tell me it did, because that was exactly how I reacted when I first watched this video.  Isn’t it great to know that we’re not the only ones who are swimming through the day in a bubble of gel –  where everything is slightly blurry and you’re constantly hitting resistance!!  Well done Bepanthen for putting together this fabulous series of Mummy Diaries (if you have time, you really should watch them all).
So sleep…….. how much do we actually really need to function??  If I had my way I’d be perfectly happy with 12 hours a night – every night (don’t laugh)!!  I can’t believe I used to kick up such a stink as a child when my mum used to make me take an afternoon nap.  I keep trying to tell my kids how valuable sleep is but they just think I’m nuts!  “Staying up ALL night would be soooo cool” they tell me!!!  Ha, if only they knew!!!!
I have to admit (rather smugly) that all three of my babes are actually pretty good sleepers. We were talented lucky enough to have them all sleeping right through the night from around 10 weeks old.  However, little did I know that this would still not lead to that beautiful, long, uninterrupted full nights sleep – that I can only assume will come back to me when I’m a granny!
These are just a few of the things that occur between the hours of lets’s say……8pm and 7am at least three nights out of every week.
  • I can’t sleep, it’s too dark, or there’s a scary noise or I’m hungry or I need the toilet (which actually means, ‘Mum or Dad can you stop watching that TV show you’re really enjoying or eating your dinner and come and lie next to me for the next hour where I will suddenly develop the desire to tell you ALL about my day’).
  • Teething.  Ah yes, that annoying pain that makes babies (and toddlers) cry between 8pm and 11pm before they fall soundly asleep, wiping out your entire evening.
  • Wetting the bed.  Ok accidents do happen, but it doesn’t help our sleep when one of us has to get up, change all the bedlinen and then try to fall back to sleep again without thinking about how much extra washing there will in the morning.
  • Waking up screaming at around 11pm, just when Mr D and I are ready for bed and falling straight to sleep the minute they are in-between us in our bed.  AND then proceeding to roll and and kick us all night long.  This could be any one of them – and sometimes ALL of them!!!
  • Bad dreams.  Poor things, you have to feel sorry for them as no one likes to have bad dreams – but yet again, one of us is up and about int eh middle of the night for half an hour practising our soothing techniques and wishing we were the ones being tucked in.
  • Musical beds.  I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to bed with Mr D and woken up with a couple of kids in there instead – or sometimes going to sleep in one bed and waking up in a totally different bed in a totally different room!!
I’m sure you could all add at least two things to this list!  Do let me know how well you sleep at night since the arrival of your little darlings.
So really, sleep is actually totally over rated and COFFEE is your new best friend.  Never try to give it up – EVER!!!
*Disclaimer:  Although I have been paid to write this post and include this video, all the opinions and stories are my own.  I am always totally honest and true to myself when writing sponsored posts and will only agree to write about things that I know to be genuine and that I personally believe in.

12 comments on “Sponsored Post: Is sleep overrated?? Brought to you by Bepanthen and the Mummy Diaries”

  1. Oh yes, sleep is so overated in our house. My 20 month old seems to believe that sleep is for ‘babies’. There was a stretch when he was about 15 months when he slept well but then, all of a sudden, he always wakes at least twice a night and more recently every morning at 4.45am and he wants to get out of bed! This morning he was awake and singing!! Arrghhh.

    • Oh there is nothing worse than the super early morning!!!! I’ve got one of those grow clocks for the older two and that works pretty well but with Little Miss L has other ideas!!!!!!

  2. UGH it’s the best thing ever! I’m just getting out of it really – with all three sleeping through (TOUCH A BIG WOODED FOREST) But in those early days – phew, can’t believe how little sleep I got. I’m stoked with 6 hours continuous – a rare but much-loved treat 🙂

  3. If I get five hours of uninterrupted sleep I am beyond excited. On the super rare occasions that I get 8 in a row I feel totally recharged. Funnily enough I have found the early I sleep the better it is!

    Swinging by and leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  4. It gets better… takes a long time though… and these days if I’m woken up after 6am, I’m delighted… nothing worse than long-term sleep deprivation… but I did make my peace with being awake from 3am or 4am… VERY early nights required!!

    The Mummy Diary is fun, and I bet most mums can relate… ahhh… the things you don’t know before you have kids. But great to see a sense of humour.

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