Have you ever been concerned about the amount of radiation your body is absorbing from your mobile phone??  Or worse still…… how much your kids may be absorbing??

I have to admit it has crossed my mind, but as I don’t think I could survive without my phone, it hasn’t concerned me enough to want to give up my phone!!!

My kids are still too young to need a mobile phone, but they do use ipads (and itouches etc)  ALOT!!!  (in fact I have absolutely NO idea how my parents ever coped without them).

I was quite shocked when I learnt our bodies absorb between 48-68% of the radiation from these gadgets.  Gadgets that we simply cannot live without (well I would struggle that’s for sure and I know I’m not the only one).  This is especially scary when I think of just how many years of this kind of absorption my kids are going to be exposed to!!  No one really knows the true extent of the damage it may cause us, but the World Health Organisation have said that mobile phone radiation is carcinogenic.!!!  Even big companies like Apple and Blackberry warn their customers to keep their phones at least an inch away from their heads.  Do you do this???

I was recently offered the chance by WORDSTORM PR to review an iphone case from PONG RESEARCH and I really was intrigued.  I did a little bit of my own research and I was super impressed by what the PONG cases can do.    It reduces the amount of radiation absorbed by the body,  and as a direct result it is aslo said to increase the battery life of your iphone/smartphone and increase your wi-fi and 3G/4G signal strength!

Well I don’t know about you, but just the increase in battery life alone was enough to grab my attention!!

Both Mr D and I were impressed by the look and feel of this PONG case (mine is for the iphone5)
For some reason I was expecting a biggish and rather ‘clumpy’ cover to arrive (I thought it would have needed to be in order to perform all it’s meant to).  However I was really pleasantly surprised to find a really sleak, slim and lightweight case.  It also has this beautiful smooth and soft velvety texture that you just want to keep rubbing your fingers over.  Even Mr D was pretty impressed with the look of it.  He hates all phone covers and doesn’t use one at all – he says they make the phone too bulky to fit in his pocket!

The PONG cover IS slim enough and it fits the phone like glove getting the seal of approval from a very fussy Mr D!  It also comes in a range of colours to suit just about anyone, and the ipad version has this really cool folding origami style back that turns into a stand.  Too clever!!  Check out their website at PONG RESEARCH for more information.

Which is your favourite?
So here comes the science.  (As I am really not a techie kind of person I will do my best to explain it in simple terms)

1. PONG smartphone & ipad cases reduce the amount of radiation exposure that enters our bodies

PONG is currently the only phone case on the market that has been proven to reduce the amount of radiation that enters our bodies.  There is a really thin antenna system that is imbedded into the case which redirects the radiation away from our heads and back into the phone.  Clever hey??

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This brings us to:
2.  PONG smartphone & ipad cases optimise signal
This is always a good thing in my book!  I’m sure we’ve all had a moment or two when we are trying desperately to send a message and we have to wave our phones above our heads or climb up the nearest hill to get some decent signal!!  Well,  by stopping half of the ‘signal’ from being literally lost in our heads/bodies, the pong smartphone case actually increases the signal we get on our phone!  Even more clever!!
and finally 

3.  PONG smartphone and ipad cases conserve the battery power of your devise (by quite a bit – I tried and tested it) 

Now this bit I could actually test out myself.  Over a 24 hour period I took screenshots of my iphone’s battery life using my old case.  I started at 7am with a fully charged battery and by 3:47pm that afternoon my battery had died!!  (So frustrating that it doesn’t last longer).  The following day I did the exact same thing with the PONG case and I kid you not………I got almost 3 hours more battery life than the day before!!!  AWESOME!!

The PONG case comes with a screen protector and a cute little cloth to keep it smudge free.

I really have been very impressed by this cover.  With the amount of time that all of us as a family spend on phones/ipads (including playing games and watching youtube videos) I really don’t think I’m going to take my chances with radiation any longer!

If you would like to win your very own PONG case for your phone (valued at $59) then all you have to do is simply enter the PONG GIVEAWAY below.  It’s free and won’t take you a minute – what do you have to loose???

Make sure to check out the PONG RESEARCH facebook page too!

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*I have not been paid to write this review and all opinions expressed are my own.  Unless otherwise stated all images are copyright to Mrs D plus 3.  I would like to thank Kate from Wordstorm PR and PONG Research for giving me the iphone 5 cover that I have used for this review.*

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    • HI Emma, it should have started already! I’ve just checked and I had it set on US time and not Aussie time – Oooops!!!! I’ll just edit it now and hopefully in the next 15 minutes or so it will be live. Sorry about that (another one of my blonde moments). Goos luck! xx

  1. I always worry about the radiation – especially when my kids are talking on the phone to their dad. Found you via FYBF and Im following you on FB – have a lovely weekend, Sarah x

  2. We have such little reception out here I’d love one if it really did help increase the signal. Some days I can answer my mobile if it rings and some days it just drops straight out.

  3. These look like such a great solution! I always talk on the phone in speaker mode because I hate that feeling when my mobile starts getting warm. Hate it.

  4. Great idea – but then I also wonder if kids are picking up radioactive stuff from all the wireless things we have in our homes, schools, etc?? I’ve entered though in the hope I win 🙂 xxx

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