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For those you that know me, will know how much I love to exercise.  Sadly I’m not one of those natural athletic types.  You know those lucky people that can’t go a day without getting their fix of natural happy endorphins.  Somehow I manage to get them from chocolate and wine!!

I do need to exercise though.  It helps keep me in a healthy shape, which as a result makes me feel so much better.  Over the years I have learnt how to enjoy exercise and believe it not, I actually look forward to it now.

I’ve learnt that I do not enjoying running.  I’ve tried it and even managed to run a 13km fun run once (yes really) but it’s just not my thing.  I’m also not that great at using gym equipment.  I just don’t seem to have the personal motivation to do a decent workout.  After just ten minutes of sweating my way through a treadmill or bike session I feel as if I’ve done an least an hour!

The best type of exercise for me is to do classes.  I LOVE them.  I get a good all round workout for a whole hour and it’s fun.  Sometime painful (and often I feel like I’m dying) but it’s always FUN.  For some reason working out in a group with some trendy music and someone yelling motivational stuff at me from the front of the studio seems to do the trick. Premier health and fitness review

I joined Premier Health and Fitness (in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches) about a year ago after one of my friends recommended it to me.  She made it sound too good to be true, so a couple of us mums (all desperately wanting to lose that unwanted baby weight and get fit) went off to investigate it.   Premier health and fitness review

little rascals brookvale

I booked in for my personal tour of the gym and the very first thing I couldn’t help but be impressed with was the kids creche facilities.  Little Rascals is AWESOME!!  I was also shown how to use all of the equipment which is very clean and well maintained, and most importantly I was guided through the class workout timetable.  With no joining fee and no yearly contract to get stuck in, I was hooked and signed up there and then.  My fortnightly fees mean that I can do any classes I want without having to book ahead and I can leave up to two kids in the fully supervised Little Rascals creche while I workout.   premier health and fitness review

As a busy mum, the classes really suit me.  I can get there after dropping the big kids at school or even squeeze in a class after school pick up in the afternoon, and I never have any complaints from the kids about spending an hour at Little Rascals.  It’s also open on both a Saturday and a Sunday morning, so I can take the kids with me while Mr D is out surfing.   Premier health and fitness review

Little Rascals has fully trained (very smiley) staff on hand to look after the kids and the sign in/sign out system is simple to use and very effective, ensuring the kids are safe and happy at all times. Miss L and her little friend Miss Y have an absolute ball in there and it’s really refreshing talking to the staff as they know exactly who your child is and what their quirky little habits are.

There is a separate area for babies and little kids as well as a chill out zone with the ever popular ABC for Kids playing on the big screen.  The kids are also allowed to bring in their own packed lunches or snacks, so you don’t have to spend any extra money in the cafe every time you are there.   Premier health and fitness review Premier health and fitness review 8

However, the cafe is the PERFECT place to catch up on the all the goss with your friends over a cup of tea (or a smoothie) after a tough class.  I love my twice weekly gym sessions.  I get an hours workout and then for only $4.95 I get a cup of tea and a magazine and good chat to finish it off.  The kids are so busy playing that once they’ve said hello we actually get a chance to enjoy our tea whilst it’s still hot!

Another thing I love about the gym is the huge respect I have earned from Master J.  After I told him about my ‘Body Combat’ class and showed him a few of my boxing moves he thought I was the bomb!!  I was even better at doing a roundhouse kick than Mr D!!

So with a full years membership already under my belt, my twice weekly sessions at Premier Health and Fitness have become one of my favourite parts of the week and I genuinely look forward to them. Miss L loves it too and gets super excited on gym days (eliminating the mummy guilt which is another bonus).

So if you’re a mum on Sydney’s Northern Beaches looking to join a gym then give Premier Health and Fitness a call on 89689666.  You won’t be disappointed.







Disclaimer:  I was sponsored by Premier Health and Fitness to write this review but all opinions are entirely my own.  Any photographs that have not been watermarked with ‘Mrs D plus 3’ were provided to me by Premier Health and Fitness.

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  1. Oh man, if ever I wished I lived closer to the city, now is the time, although sadly Brookvale is just a little too far for me to travel to workout! That creche looks amazing, I would not feel bad at all about leaving the girls there to work out. Tell them they need to open one in the Hawkesbury and I will be their first customer!

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