A couple of weeks ago I joined a bunch of fabulous Northern Beaches bloggers to do a photography course on the beach.  This was no ordinary photography course – it was one run by the lovely Robyn from Please don’t say cheese and her objective is to teach parents how to take better photographs of their kids using their OWN cameras.

When I first met Robyn, at local business networking session, I jumped at the chance to do her course.  I absolutely love taking photos and might have a teeny weeny reputation for being a bit snap happy.  I think it drives my kids mad – although they can occasionally be very obliging and just humour their mum!  Most of the time I have to be so quick to get any decent shots of them in action.  It frustrates me so much when I don’t have the camera on the right setting and I ‘miss’ that amazing moment!  It’s even more frustrating when I capture that ‘moment’ only to discover that it’s out of focus or blurry!!!

This photo of me was taken by Carolyn at Desire Empire

Ever since I’ve had my iphone 5 I have to admit that I take the majority of my photos with that, as the camera on it is pretty awesome (for a phone).  It’s so handy because I pretty much ALWAYS have it with me.  Carrying around (or remembering to carry around) my big DSLR camera is such a pain sometimes that I don’t use it nearly as much as I should.  When I do use it, I then regret not using it more often!!  One of the reasons I don’t use it nearly as much as I should is because I don’t actually know how to use it properly (other than on Auto!!).  I know this is a shameful thing to admit, but according to Robyn from Please don’t say cheese, I am not the only one!!!

Robyn’s course is 3 hours long and she takes you out ‘on location’ somewhere along Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  We were at Dee Why Beach for ours.  She likes to go early in the morning or later in the afternoon to make the most of the ‘golden hour of light’, which she explains is the BEST light for taking photographs.

She taught us (using our own camera’s) how to use aperture and shutter speed, how to get the best action shots and close ups and how to get that lovely ‘blury’ background, amongst other things. She also gave us SO many little useful tips that I would never have thought of.  Now all that’s left for me to do it practice, practice, practice!!!!

Robyn also offers some great editing advice, tips and help once you have the done the course to help you make those photos you’ve taken even more amazing!!  She will taylor this advice to whichever editing package you currently use, so there is no need to go out an buy one.

Me in ‘action’ (by Carolyn again) taking close up photos of the flowers.

If you’d like to know more about this course and more about Robyn and her photography background, then you can contact her at Please Don’t Say Cheese.  I think it would make a fabulous Christmas gift if you have a new camera or, if like me, you just LOVE taking photos and could do with a bit of expert advice.

Robyn has come up with a great idea for a giveaway for you.  She would like to offer 3 lucky Mrs D plus 3 readers the opportunity to do this course with me, sometime in the New Year!!  YAY – I get to do it again and get the chance to meet some of you!  Unfortunately due to logistical reasons, this giveaway is only available to Sydney based readers – but never fear, if you don’t live in Sydney you can download Robyn’s top 10 tips for taking better photos right HERE for FREE!!





Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this review however I did not pay to attend the course.  All opinions are my own and all the photos I have used were taken and edited by me, unless otherwise stated.  The camera I used was a Canon EOS DSLR and the editing package I used was Pic Monkey.


4 comments on “Please don’t say cheese! A Review on how to take better photographs of your kids PLUS a Giveaway”

  1. Thanks for hosting Robyn! Awesome giveaway!! I’m also guilty for leaving the DSLR at home and sticking with the iPhone 🙂 I just love how practical the phone is for editing and uploading pics for my blog, but they are never quite the same quality as my ‘real’ camera!!


    • Thanks Aanie. Technology these days on the iphone is just too easy isn’t it. Although I am always pleased when I edit something properly on the computer – it’s worth the extra effort!! xx

    • AH sorry Em. Its a shame you’re not close, it would have been heaps of fun to do it with you!! Ps. Tell hubby we all ‘need’ and SLR like we ‘need’ diamonds – hehehehe, hopefully he won’t laugh at you XXX

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