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I was very kindly gifted a few sets of Forever Clover swap cards with a matching album for Miss H to try out with her friends.  She was super excited to get her own parcel in the post, but I had to sit down with and go through the whole swap card concept with her, as she wasn’t really sure what to do with them.   forever clover review

It was actually really lovely just getting to spend some one on one time with her.  I explained to her that the cards were something that you had to collect and put inside the album. There are lots of different kinds of cards and it can take a little while to get them all, so she’d have to be patient.  Each time you get a pack (of six swap cards) it’s a real surprise to find out which ones are inside.  If you find a new card then you put it in the right place in your album to add to your collection. If you’ve already got that card in your album then you put it in your swap pile.  This pile is called ‘swap cards’ because you have to get together with your friends and swap cards with each other until you get all the missing ones to fill your own album.   forever clover review forever clover review

She got the concept pretty quickly and then spent ages going through all her cards deciding which ones she loved the most and which ones she thought her friends would like.  I helped her organised them into categories and put them into her album.  It was actually quite fun.  She also couldn’t WAIT to get to school the next day to take her cards and spare albums to give to her best friends so that the swapping could begin.

Forever Clover swap cards are a lovely way for little girls to just have some good old fashioned fun. It’s makes them so happy and gives them something to do together with their friends.  The cards are very girly and cover a wide range of wholesome topics.  They are based on six best friends who are each very different and each have their own talents, be it sports or dance, music or acting.  They really encourage confidence in young girls and of course there is lots of glitter and some very cute furry animals in there too.

Have a look at this little video from Forever Clover.  It tells you a bit more about the company and the concept behind the swap cards.  You can order your cards online at Forever Clover or you can buy them from most newsagents.  Believe me these are guaranteed to make any little girl very happy. They also make great gifts as well as perfect little pressies to go inside birthday party lolly bags.

The lovely team at Forever Clover have given me TWO gorgeous prize packs to give away.  Each one includes a cute little tin to keep your swap cards in, an album, four series 4 card packs with charms and a set of magnets valued at $70.  All you have to do it click below to enter.  *This giveaway is open to Australian residents only.*


forever clover prize pack forever clover prize pack

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Do you remember having a craze when you were little??  I remember having a sticker album and I LOVED collecting and swapping my stickers.  The scratch and sniff ones and the glitter ones were always the most popular.

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  1. I wasn’t so much into cards – but I collected stamps and would haunt the letterbox. But I had a friend is was very much into basketball cards – had hundreds and hundreds from all over the world.

    • I’d also like to say I love the idea of these. My son collects footy cards as a reward for good behaviour and doing his speech homework. Haven’t seen the ones for girls which might be a motivator for Miss 5

      • What a good idea Annaleis, I hadn’t even thought of that. I think it could work pretty well. My Master J collects footie cards too xx

    • It can get pretty addictive can’t it. I can image some those old collections could be quite valuable theses days xx

  2. My neighbours and I collected stickers, rubbers, hair ribbons, soaps lots of different things I wish I had kept all my smelly rubbers and soaps for Eva. Eva loves collecting soaps, perfumes, lipsticks hahaha so lots of my perfumes and lipsticks go missing to be found in Eva’s bedroom xxxxx

    • Hahaha – no wonder she always looks so adorable. I remember collection soaps too – I had totally forgotten about that until you reminded me xx

  3. We used to collect the He-Man stickers that were on the side of the poppers we took to school, you weren’t cool unless you had them!

  4. I was a collecting queen as a kid
    Gathering piles of stickers and stamps is what I did
    I’d want to collect every latest phase
    For me it was an addiction, a certain kind of craze
    Coins and cards were a favourite of mine too
    I’d round them all up, any would do!
    I loved my collections, they were such fun
    And now my daughters could start, if I won!

  5. I use to collect swap cards and they came with albums, so I love the “what comes around goes around cycle” and my dear mother kept my old cards and albums. My daughter who loves Forever Clover now likes looking at what I use to collect and we have made a memorable connection over our love of swap cards “Thanks Mum” xo

    • Clever Mummy!! I should keep these for Miss H too, she’s probably love to remember then when she’s all grown up (which seems ever so far away right now).

  6. I never collected cards but I collected books when I was in primary school and I ended up collecting the whole series of Babysitters Club books and Sweet Valley High books. I loved reading when I was younger and was very proud of my collection.

    • I used to collect Sweet Valley High too – loved them. Did you ever read Judy Blume?? I loved her books too xx

  7. I love how these cards teach children how to share and to be considerate of their friends. What a great present idea for my little nieces!

    • They’re great aren’t they – we more things like this for our kids these days before the ipads take over the world – hahaha! xx

  8. Love these forever Clover cards they are impressing or girls with good activities. … I remember collecting soaps the little ones like shells and all kinds of shapes every holiday I would purchase one for me and one for my friend as we collected together 🙂

    • YES – the smelly ones were definitely the best! They were always terrible ‘rubbers’ though weren’t they? LOL x

  9. I use to collect rubbers when I was growing up. Still have them today. My girls enjoy going through them from time to time. They both collect swap cards & love them!

  10. I was also a collector of swap cards and still have many of them…my daughter loves the forever clover cards and it’s great to see such a nice craze coming back again!!

    • It’s lovely to hear how little girls love them. I hadn’t heard of them before I was contacted for this review and I am SO glad they did – love them xx

  11. As A child I was lucky that my father encouraged us to collect cards, stamps, and cereal toys. Today he still drops in at home with books and cards for new series that are coming out. “Keeping the big kid in me alive” he says, at 65 years of age…lol….I think he loves it more than us “youngsters”! LOL. Forever Clover are the most Beautiful cards around at the moment, Beautifully drawn, original and teaching the kids great qualities to aspire to. I have 3 books going of all of the Series, and CAN’T WAIT for series 4. The smiles on the little faces say it all Forever Clover are AWESOME!

    • Ahh what a cool Daddy/granddad you have!! That;s so lovely that he likes to get so involved xx

      • I know that I was very lucky as a child to have a great Dad, and even Now my Dad continues as a Dad and a Grandpa to spoil his kids and Grandkids. We are a truly blessed family. 🙂

  12. As a Child I collected Cricket, Football and Trading Cards. As a Dad, I am happy to buy the beautiful Forever Clover Cards for my Daughters every time we go grocery shopping, or for a special Treat. Another Beautiful Series for us to collect together. My Daughters can’t wait for these gems, especially now that there are charms to collect. Beautiful Idea!

    • That is so awesome that you get them for your girls. My hubby has started picking them up when he gets his bus tickets. I bet that they love how involved you are xx

  13. OMG what a time warp – when in primary school I had a very unhealthy obsession with TAZO’s (they came in chip packets)
    I even remember my uncle charging me $5 to buy a ‘rare’ one that was needed to complete my collection!

  14. Being a collectorholic runs in my blood, I can remember always collecting something, my favourites being swap cards, football cards, knuckles/jacks and marbles…guess I was a bit of a tom boy in the day lol.

  15. We must be the same age as the craze at my primary school was sticker swapping too. I still have my Boomy stickers which were the most coveted!

  16. I remember collecting stickers/cards for something called Popples. I also collected Neighbours cards and any stickers that I thought were cute!!

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