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mrs d plus 3 mums taxi

With three kids and what sometimes feels like a hundred different activities, I have totally turned into Mum’s Taxi.  I think the term must be very well used as my mum used to call herself the same when I was a kid.

First trip this morning was the school run.  It’s a double drop off day – WOO HOO!  Not only do Master J and Miss H go off to school but Miss L is in Kindy too, so I’m kid free!

Before I’ve even turned on the ignition, it all starts……

“Can we have kiss and drop today please mum” asks Master J (who at 7 already hates it when he’s seen walking into school with me).  “Nooooooooooooo!!!” whinges Miss H, “I want Mummy to come in with us! “But she’s had two turns this week, it’s not fair, I never get to walk by myself!!” Sulks Master J!!  Doing my best to ignore it all, we’re suddenly interrupted by screaming. “WHERE’S GEORGE????” cries Miss L (Peppa Pig’s trusty sidekick for those of you wondering who George is). Oh god, I sign, we’re forgotten George!  “Master J, won’t you run back upstairs and get George for your sister please.”  Off he stomps!

Finally we’re all in.  Miss H and Miss L are strapped in the middle row, with George and Hop Hop Bunny and this morning, Elli too.  No one is going to argue about them all being strapped in because no one wants to listen to Miss L scream the whole way to school.  Master J is right at the back of the car with his ‘own space’, which is actually a godsend because he just wouldn’t be able to resist winding up the girls in one way or another if he was sat next to them.  Big cars rock and you can check out loads more options at Ford Family Cars.

Off we go.

First stop is school and Miss H reluctantly holds her brothers hand for kiss and drop.  Mummy is in a hurry today as it’s the first day I’ve had to myself in ages and I have so much work to do.  I watch them head off pushing all bubbling feelings of mummy guilt right down to my toes.

Second stop is Kindy.  Miss L LOVES Kindy (thank goodness) and she skips in happily.  Just as she’s blowing me a kiss goodbye, she suddenly say “Where’s blanket??”  I silently curse!  There is no way she’s get through the day without blanket, so back home I go to fetch it (still with George and Hop Hop Bunny and Elli strapped in the back seat).

Before I can make it back with her beloved blanket, I had to stop for petrol.  It’s a good thing our car gives me a little singing signal when I need to fill up, as I would definitely be one of those silly people that embarrassingly break due to an empty tank.

Just as I pulled into the driveway at home to start my day I got a txt message from the lovely mum who runs the canteen at the kids school.  It read “URGENT is anyone able to help this morning?” I replied “How URGENT?” “Very!” she said. “Ok I’m on my way” and off I went.  She’s so lovely that I just couldn’t say no, so my work would just have to wait another couple of hours.  Besides, I’m known to love a good gossips with the girls in canteen and the kids LOVE it when I’m there.

mrs d plus 3 mums taxi 1

I finally get to sit down at lunch time and before I know it, it’s 2:30 and I have to get back into Mum’s taxi to start round two. This time I’m just picking up the girls, plus one extra.  Master J is going to a skateboard lesson with a friend and I’m looking after Miss L’s little buddy for the afternoon.  I didn’t escape the boys though as they got me to load up the boot with all their school ‘stuff’ before they headed off to the skate ramp.

Before I can even think about wine o’clock I still had to do the rugby training ‘run’ which didn’t get me home until just after 7pm and then the bath, dinner, bed fun begins.

Do you have a big family taxi car? How many trips a day do you make?

I couldn’t live without our family car.  If you’d like to know more about Ford Family Cars then you can check out their website here.

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9 comments on “A day in the life of Mum’s Taxi”

    • I’ve often giggle at those cars with snorkels! Do you actually use them?? Man my Master J would LOVE a car with a snorkel!! x

    • It goes so fast Em. Blink and they’re all home again!! I don’t remember the school day being so quick when I was little, lol x

    • I have to drive most places these days too. Will your new place be walking distance from the school – how fabulous!! x

  1. We have a Holden Sedan Berlina and it’s got a surprising amount of room for a sedan. I don’t drive though so I am using actual taxis through the week with Mr 4. Although he much prefers the bus most days.

  2. For someone so little (me!) I do love my big family car – I lug everything in there from the kids, thier stuff, the bunnies, all the groceries, I couldn’t imagine our life working any other way Josefa #teamIBOT

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