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My first post this year is going to be a review and it’s a pretty awesome one too.  Well, the according to the kids anyway.  It’s no secret that we’re HUGE fans of ByK kids bikes, and this mountain bike is no exception.  We took it camping with us over Christmas and Josh had an absolute blast on it.

Late last year he was gifted the 510 MTB mountain bike (lucky duck) by the lovely guys at ByK kids bikes, to put it through it’s paces.  This bike could not have been more perfect for him as he is such a daredevil and had already pushed his poor old bike passed it’s limit. ByK kids bikes review

He was dead chuffed when it arrived and couldn’t wait to see what it could do.  We live in a pretty residential area, so initially he only really got to test it out by riding around our local streets.  According to Josh it was ‘sick’ – which clearly means it got a thumbs up in kids lingo.

It took him a little while to used to the different gears (all 24 of them) but Mr D took him out on a pretty tough track around Manly Damn so he could figure it all out.  They came back covered in mud and both very happy.  Mr D said the bike handled the track like a pro was so awesome he thinks they would come in adult sizes too.

So here are some facts:

  1. This bike is aimed at kids aged between 7 and 11 years old.
  2. There are 24 gears and AMAZING suspensions (Mr D was a bit jealous) allowing kids to ride easily along the streets as well as really putting it through it’s paces off road.
  3. It’s a bike aimed for the adventurous at heart, so I would recommend it for kids that already have some bike skills and confidence.
  4. It weights 12kg (20% lighter than most other kids mountain bikes), making it a lot easier for kids to handle.
  5. ByK bikes are designed entirely for kids.

Here’s a quick video I made of Josh testing out the 510 MTB.

No matter what level of biking ability your child is at, ByK bikes have got you covered.  I recently wrote a post about teaching my very nervous daughter to ride her first bike.  It was a bit of a struggle at first, but not only was her ByK bike perfect for the job, but the advice the ByK team gave me to help her was invaluable.  You can see my tips HERE.

Do your kids love to ride?

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*Disclaimer:  We were gifted this bike for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review, however all opinions and images are my own.

12 comments on “Some of the best fun kids have is mountain biking. Here’s a great review of the ByK Kids bikes”

  1. Lucky boy and great review!. I had a look at the bikes at our local store and they are great. Loved how light they are. Need to get a bike for my teenage daughter and the larger one looks perfect. Thanks for making it easier to choose.

  2. Ah this looks great. We have two smaller Byk bikes which we keep here down the coast. But now Mr9 is dead keen to have a bike in Sydney… with gears. Must say I’d be delighted to get him another Byk bike as we’ve been very happy with the ones we’ve had before.

    • He will absolutely LOVE this one Seana. I love that not only do they make great bikes, but they are such a lovely genuine company too x

    • Hahaha, so is my hubby and when I first mentioned the ByK’s, he had to research them himself first. He was very impressed though and they have proved to be such great bikes and an equally great company x

  3. I guess if you get your bikes for free you can ride it through salt water and sand. The rest of us have to pay for our bikes…

  4. Yes my daugher has a BYK which is awesome. But keep all bikes right away from salt water – I bet that one is completly rusty now!

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