It is the most SPECTACULAR day in Sydney today and I have just driven in, over the harbour bridge, to see the preview of the BRILLIANT Blue Man Group.  It is the first time they are touring Australia and I jumped at the chance to go and see them.  Mr D and I saw them in London about 5 years ago and I still remember it.  It is just one of those shows that just WOW’s you!!

This morning we only got to see little snippets of it and now I CAN’T WAIT to see it in full tonight.  Baby sitter is arranged and I will be taking Mr D out on a date.

The show has three men painted blue performing electrifying experimental music, comedy, tricks and sensational multimedia.
It is LOUD, BRIGHT, MESMERISING, FUNNY and totally interactive with the audience.  It is an experience that totally redefines the the term ‘live entertainment’.    Producer Rodney Rigby (Jersey Boys and the Adams Family) is super excited to be bringing the show to Australia after years of planning and HUGE international success.  I won’t tell you too much more until I’ve seen the full show tonight, but I will let you know tomorrow what Mr D thinks.  It is suitable for everyone over the age of 3.

I have some tickets available for the Sydney shows at an exclusive discount price of $75.  So if you would like to see the show just drop me a line.

The show will be held at the Sydney Lyric, The Star
The girls ‘hanging out’ outside the theatre
Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday morning
This is a little sneaky clip that I filmed while at the preview this morning!  Hopefully it will give you a taste of the awesomeness of the show!!
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8 comments on “Blue Man Group Oz for (almost) Wordless Wednesday”

  1. WOW – that sure looks like a great show to go to! The pic with your girls outside, almost looks like they had pink paint splashed onto them 🙂
    Incredible to think that a group of blue men are so talented, enjoy a night out!

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