bella bodies shapewear review - 20% off I don’t normally make a habit of writing about underwear, and I am certainly no fashion blogger, but there is always room for something a little different.

A couple of months ago, I did some work for a company called Bella Bodies Shapewear, on their social media accounts facebook and instagram.  The more I had to write about their products, the more sucked in I got – by my own marketing so to speak!!  After a week or two I I just had to try them out for myself, so I asked for a few samples and put them to the test.
bella bodies shapewear review - underwear I LOVE them and I’m really not just saying that.  I haven’t even been paid to write this review, but honestly, it’s the best shapewear and underwear I have ever tried, and I’ve been a Marks and Sparks (Marks & Spencer) girl for years.  So here’s why…….

Bella Bodies Shapewear is a range of shape wear and underwear that are designed to feel so comfortable they’re like a second skin.  They are just beautiful to wear and are also designed to suck you in, in all the right places, giving those perfect womanly curves.  It was that bit that I was really interested in.  Since giving birth to my third child 3 years ago I have really struggled to lose my baby weight.  Three years down the track and I’m not sure if I can even call it baby weight any more, but there is quite a bit more paddling to my body these days.

I’m not thrilled about it and I often get pretty self conscious, especially with the muffin top area around my waist, and that horrible back fat roll that sneaks in under my bra strap.  Bella Bodies have a range of tank tops and cami’s that are designed to be worn underneath your clothes to cover up all those lumps and bumps, giving an appearance of smooth, sleek curves.  Since my weight is stubbornly refusing to shift, I really needed to give them a try.

The bamboo range is just amazing and totally my favourite.  I now wear my cami’s every single day.  They are just tight enough without leaving me feeling like I’ve got the life squeezed out of me and are so soft and breathable that I hardly notice I’ve got them on (which is great in the Sydney heat). Best of all, they do not lose their shape or elasticity in the wash.  I know this sounds a little odd, but I feel so much more confident about my body since I’ve started wearing them.  I also can’t tell you how great it is to find an underwire bra that actually holds you all in place, if you know what I mean!  It also has a really wide back, so that back fat I mentioned before is all gone (well perfectly covered up anyway).  I’ve also been wearing the long cami’s under my dresses so they don’t appear quite so ‘see through’.

bella bodies shapewear review - underwear
1. Longline bamboo tank – $29.99 2. Adjustable bamboo bra twin pack – $49.99 3. Belly band – $29.99 4. Bamboo seamless cami – $29.99

Bella Bodies shapewear, also has a range of curve control and smoothing solutions.  These products are a lot more firming than than bamboo range and in my opinion definitely not for ever day wear.  However, if you have a special occasion outfit that you want to look even more fabulous, than these are for you.  I tried the the runway slip under a rather fitted dress one evening and the difference was incredible – all lumps and bumps magically covered up! I couldn’t wear it every day as it was rather tight, but for an evening out it was fabulous and I felt fabulous too.

So like I said, I am no fashion blogger but I am a mummy, with a typical mummy figure and these products have made me feel so much more confident about my shape that I just had to share.

I can go one step better too.  Bella Bodies Shapewear have offered 20% OFF plus free shipping on all Mrs D plus 3 reader orders for the next 5 days.  Just use the code MRSDPLUS20 on check for your discount. It’s worth it, I promise! (Offer ends at midnight on 7.02.2016)

*Sorry there are no photos of me, I just couldn’t bring myself to pose in underwear.  I need more practice before the fashion blogger in me is released.*

Do you wear shape wear?

Let’s all be confident together with our mummy figures.

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16 comments on “Bella Bodies, the most comfortable shapewear you will try PLUS 20% off”

  1. It looks good! I find ‘shapewear’ is usually made from such yucky fabric that wearing it in summer makes me feel claustrophobic. I’m going to try this range for sure. I thought it was just a preggers thing, but I was wrong.

    • Me too Bron, either that or it loses it shape so quickly it’s pointless. The bamboo range really is soooo lovely to wear xx

  2. I’m a Marks and Spencer girl too – this sounds like a great Aussie alternative! I find the problem with shapewear is that it just shift the weight, or the surplus “roll” somewhere else, so I’m never quite bulge free! Are these different? If so, I need one of everything! LOL!

    • Sadly it doesn’t get rid of the weight, otherwise I would be investing in the company. It really does smooth is out though, so you look curvy, rather than lumpy, if that makes sense. It’ smooths everything over. I’m loving wearing the cami tops at the moment – subconscious confidence which makes me feel so much better (if that makes sense).

    • Sadly it doesn’t get rid of the weight, otherwise I would be investing in the company. It really does smooth is out though, so you look curvy, rather than lumpy, if that makes sense. It’ smooths everything over. I’m loving wearing the cami tops at the moment – subconscious confidence which makes me feel so much better (if that makes sense). xx

  3. These look great and I will check out range. Menopause has made my middle all wobbly. Have never tried shape wear but I have one slip that feels so good as it pulls me in. Thanks for heads up. Did you see my Marks and Sparks post this week ??

    • Oh yay another wonderful woman thing for me to look forward too. I think I should just start making friends with all my wobbly bit now. Funny how slips can make such a difference, I honestly feel so much better since wearing mine. Oh and you look fabulous to me. Off to check out your post now “))

    • That’s my motto now Em. It’s all just too hard some days don’t you think?? Good on you for doing all that walking. My foot is still in a cast, so I’m sat on my backside at the moment – thank god for shape wear.xx

  4. Hello Robyn, have just put in an order. Just a couple of items, I always like to try a couple of things first and see how sizes are etc etc Great to know about. The prices are really good too. I have a soft bra sort of similar to the one I have just bought. Only the one I have is a sports type back so everyone can see the straps – do you know that I mean. The one I’ve just bought is proper bra shape with the straps to the sides not meeting at the back – great as I am over proper bras when it’s hot and love a softie.

    • Thats fabulous, glad you managed to nab the 20% off too. I also put in a sneaky order with the discount code. I love those softie bra’s too, and am totally over everything on really hot days. I shouldn’t complain though because I know I’ll miss it in the winter x

  5. I have tried bella bodies before, but I find it difficult to get the right size (22 – 24), so I hope I’ll be lucky with this order!
    Kind regards, Krystyna.

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