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Insurance is one of those things I love to hate!  There are so many things we need insurance for these days that sometimes it feels like we’re just throwing money in every direction.  It’s hard paying for something that you can’t actually see…….and it definitely doesn’t have the same feel good factor as a new pair of shoes, that’s for sure.  Love it or hate it though, insurance does bring major peace of mind, and as frustrating as those monthly payments can be, a good insurance can be a real life saver when you least expect it.

IPhones’ in our house have a pretty bad run.  I remember when the very first IPhone came out.  Mr D was so excited to get his but sadly it didn’t last very long at all.  He was helping Master J (who was only about two at the time) on the toilet (as you do) and as he leaned over his phone fell out of his top pocket and straight into the toilet!  Not much after his new replacement arrived he was doing the washing up and our built in washing machine (which was a bit cranky) clicked into the spin cycle and started dancing.  It shook the kitchen bench and his phone bounced perfectly into the the sink full of soapy water.  Another one hit the dust!!  His third replacement I might have accidentally washed with his wallet and lottery ticket!!

I’ve always been pretty good with mine until about a year ago, when I left it on the roof of the car after wrestling two kids and a baby into car seats.  It wasn’t until half way home when I realised what I had done!!!  It’s the most awful feeling ever.  Luckily Mr D has some ‘find my phone’ app installed and we managed to trace it all the way to the exact spot it flew off the car.  Just as we got there, it got run over by a bus!!!  Youi insurance

No matter how careful you think you are – accidents happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  I won’t even begin to tell you about my poor car…….that’s a whole different blog post!!

So tell me, how many phones have you lost??



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  1. Our phones are so precious to us too aren’t they. Just lost without mine when it was damaged couple of months ago. I’m avoiding right now looking through our crop insurances…important and worth the time but they do give me a headache.

    • I know what you mean. I wish there was someone who could just tell you which one to get to totally take the hassle out of it xx

    • Well done you!!! We’re a bit hopeless in our house – forever breaking phones and scraping cars. I’m an insurance dream I think x

  2. I had insurance on my phone when I was working on farms. I used to break in cattle to take to shows and I was constantly getting kicked. My phone was always in my pocket and it was in the firing line a few times!

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