omo ultimate review and giveaway 1 I few weeks ago I was sent some OMO ULTIMATE washing liquid and Jif Easy Life bathroom cleaner from Unilever to try out.  I was more happy to review them both as, lets be honest here, my (slight) OCD tendencies mean I am forever washing and cleaning.  As sad as it is, I just can’t relax if the washing pile is over-flowing or the bathroom is dirty!  What’s even sadder is that I find cleaning kinda satisfying too.  I know, I know……. Omo ulitmate and Jif easy lift review and giveaway

With three little people in the house, the amount of toothpaste that gets splattered all over the sink and the bathroom mirror EVERY SINGLE DAY drives me batty!!  Luckily the Jiff has made a happy home under the bathroom sink to help me out.  I’ve been very impressed with it too.

Not long after Lexi-Rose was born my mum came to Australia for a few weeks to help me with the transition from two kids to chaos.  I was only just coping when she arrived and the first thing she did for me was clean the bathrooms.  It was wonderful!! She hates a dirty bathroom just as much as I do. Nowadays I’m much more of a mummy rock star and have a far firmer grip on life than I did back then. So when mum and dad came back to Sydney for Christmas last year the first thing I did before they arrived was clean the bathroom!  With my new bottle of Jif of course.  It was awesome at cleaning shower doors – just saying!  Omo ultimate review and giveaway Omo ultimate 3 As for the OMO ULTIMATE, I decided to take it away with me on our recent camping trip, and boy was I glad I packed it.  Holy Moly clothes get a whole new level of dirty when you’re camping.  Not only that, but the kids seems to have about 6 outfit changes a day too!!  (I, on the other hand learnt to embrace the crumpled, worn several times beach dress quite happily).

I must have done at least three big loads of washing at the campsite (with my little helper).  If it wasn’t dirty clothes I was tackling, it was dirty towels!!  There is nothing worse than having a nice hot shower at the end of a sticky hot day only to have to use a dirty towel.  Uurgh!!!

I was super impressed with how well OMO ULTIMATE washed and I just loved the smell of it.  It’s the best ‘clean washing’ smell I’ve had so far.  Omo ultimate review and giveaway It wasn’t until we got home that I really broke all records.  We left our campsite in the POURING rain, so everything, I mean EVERYTHING, was wet and smelly (yucky damp smelly) when we got home that night.  The day next I did 9 loads of washing!!!!  I really put OMO to the test and it was fantastic.  Just as the bottle states, it gets out a lot of tough dirt stains that are up to 48 hours old and I was suitably impressed. The kids and I even hand washed the sleeping bags by stamping on them in the paddling pool with a bit of OMO.  They thought it was brilliant fun.

What’s your washing record breaking experience??  Do toothpaste splatters on the mirror drive you batty?  Tell me about it for your chance to win a bottle of Jiff bathroom cleaner and a bottle of OMO ULTIMATE.

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5 comments on “Record breaking post holiday washing! An Omo Ultimate review and giveaway”

  1. Haha too many!!! When we got back from Melb I had all of our washing plus the bed sheets that I didn’t get to before I left. I think I did about 12 loads that day. My poor clothes line didn’t have enough space so I used the trampoline too bahaha

    • That’s hilarious – but such a genius idea too!! Our trampoline is on the front lawn so the neighbour might think I’m a bit batty!! LOL xxx

  2. My husband complains about me overfilling the washing machine. I have a 7kg and I’m not afraid to use it. When we get a sun shining, windy day I grab that sucker with both hands and fill the line. Only problem is I have to hang out everything because none else can work a full line with the limited number of pegs I have and it just hurts my head to listen to the complaints.

    • Oh I hear you!! No one can work out the origami of washing hanging better than me!! I am so jealous of your big machine too!! x

  3. Camping always produces so much washing! We went for one night and I had six loads on return with towels and bathers and clothes. It was insane!
    I do like a clean bathroom. This post has reminded me I need to clean mine.

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