Dream big with DryNites dream maker This post is sponsored by Huggies DryNites.

Bedtime often has a bad reputation for being the worst part of the day for parents.  The kids are usually exhausted and behaving like complete little so-in-so’s (for want of a more polite word) and parents are just completely over it and need a break.  Our house is no different, and with three kids bedtime is often a compete circus – and not in a good way!

A good, solid bedtime routine really does help to get the kids ready for sleep time and if you can get this down to a fine art then bedtimes can actually be a really special time.  It’s the only time my 8 year opens up and tells me about his day and his life, which I find myself looking forward to.  My girls love it when I make up stories for them (which often stretches my imagination), but it’s amazing the kind of adventures these two little girls get up to.

Huggies DryNites have got the most wonderful promotion on at the moment where they are offering to bring children’s dream to life, by giving your child the chance to have their drawing transformed into a plush toy.

It’s so simple to enter.  All your child has to do is drawn a character they would love to snuggle up with at night to help them dream big.  Once they have done their drawing, you just need to upload here.

After watching the video my kids could not wait to get stuck into their drawings.  In fact, I had the neighbours kids over for a playdate and they were to equally as excited to join in.  They were all so busy drawing, it was the most peaceful morning I’d had the entire school holidays. Huggies dynites dream maker promotion Huggies dynites dream maker promotion The Huggies ‘Dream Maker’ competition will be running for 10 weeks until 17th August. Upload your child’s drawing for the chance to win 1 of 10 custom made plush toys based on their exact design.  It will definitively help them dream big every night.

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13 comments on “Dream BIG with Huggies DryNites”

    • Hope they have with it! I’m pretty sure your two cuties will come up with some fabulous creations 🙂 x

  1. This is such a gorgeous idea! I love some of the creations my kids draw – their imaginations blow me away!

    I can’t wait to see what they come up for this. xx

    • Fingers crossed Jodie and I hope they have a whole heap of fun making their creations 🙂

  2. Oh what a lovely idea. My little Sugarpuff loves drawing crazy characters so she’ll adore this! I ‘m going to set her to work on something right now.

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