Katy Perry Prismatic 2014

After 10 months of patiently waiting Miss H and I FINALLY headed off to see Katy Perry on Friday night.  Her excitement was epic and kinda cute.  “Is she real Mum?, like a real person?”

I’m not sure she really knew what to expect as the only ‘big show’ she’s ever seen before was Disney on Ice.  We played Katy Perry in the car the whole way to the Olympic Park, so we were ready (kitty cat ears and all).   katy perry prismatic tour sydney 3

Watching the crowds roll into the arena was just as exciting as waiting for the big act for this little Miss.  She squeezed my hand tight and her little feet didn’t stop skipping up and down. The atmosphere was amazing, despite the stinking heat and you could feel the excitement the air.

I opened the door to the stadium and the bright lights and screaming hit us like a bolt of lightening.  I had forgotten to warn her and she let go of my hand and bolted back towards the stairs, tears streaming down her face.  “What’s the matter darling” I asked her when I finally caught up.  “I don’t want to walk on that stage, there’s too many people looking at me” she said, absolutely panic stricken.

Poor little love, she was so overwhelmed when I opened the door that she thought we’d be walking out onto the stage.  I finally talked her round and we walked in.  Her little hand squeezing mine so tight I could feel her nails digging in.

As we found our seats (not on the stage) and her anxiety quickly turned back to excitement.  I loved watching her being swept up with the emotion of the crowd.  High as kite on pure excitement.

I will never forget her face as Katy Perry hit the stage.


Toward the end of the show she started to tire and scrambled up on to my lap and her thumb slipped into her mouth.  Still wide eyed though.  “Do you want to go home?” I whispered. “NO!” She shook her head, eyes still fixed to the stage.

I think she’ll remember this one for a long time.  I know I will.

Have you ever taken any of your kids to see a BIG show??

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16 comments on “Hear me Roar! Taking my big girl to see the Katy Perry Prismatic Tour in Sydney (with video)”

  1. Oh I’m so silly I have big tears watching her in this, I can just imagine how amazing it was for her, and you! My daughter would LOVE to see One Direction but I thought the screaming would be too much at this age. Katy Perry a great move. I’m in love with you videos… Em xx (thanks for linking lovely x)

    • OMG One Direction would be amazing too. I can totes see you singing along Em. Hollie did get a bit freaked out when the screaming first started but she got used to it pretty quickly (and I did warn her it would happen). xxxx

  2. OMG Robyn – I love your video’s! That brought tears to my eyes watching her in all her innocence enjoying singing along to Katey Perry’s ‘Roar’. My sister (who lives in Sydney) is taking her daughter (aged 11) to that concert too. 🙂

    • Aw thanks Min. I love making them although it takes a bucket load of patience. Your niece is going to LOVE the show xx

  3. What great memories you have created for your daughter – I love the Video you made….her face is priceless when she is watching Katy Perry.
    I have never seen a live band like that – I have taken our boys to see Disney on Ice here in Wollongong but not a big band.
    I would love to see Pink live – and I reckon my boys would love it too.
    Did you film with a gopro? Looks so cool 🙂

    • I find the ticket prices quite expense here compared to London but if you love the band, the experience is so worth it. I’ve seen P!NK a few times and she is by far my favourite!! xx

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