Winter on the beach in Jervis Bay My lovely friend Seana, who you might know…… she blogs over at Sydney Kids Food and Travel, offered me her gorgeous beach house in Jervis Bay last week.  Mr D didn’t have any leave left and Josh just wanted to hang out with his friends at rugby camp, so it was just me and the girls who took Seana up on her fantastic offer.   I felt a bit funny leaving the boys behind, but Mr D assured me they’d be just fine.  I didn’t think I’d be ditched by my boy this early on, but took it on the chin.

I decided to invite my girl friend Amanda and her two little ones and make it into a Mummies trip. The morning we left was pretty hectic.  Firstly I dropped Josh off at the wrong holiday camp (poor kid, but at least dad was available to come to the rescue).  I then had a manic trip to Woolies where I couldn’t get a trolley, so had to carry ALL my shopping in a single basket as well as carry a kid on my hip after an epic tantrum.  The icing on the cake was when I got home and opened the boot……….. and all the shopping came tumbling out and smashed on the driveway.  It looked a bit like a murder scene (except with eggs and pasta sauce instead of blood).

Thank god for ipads though, as it kept the girls quietly entertained in the car while the long, scenic drive through Kangaroo valley calmed my nerves.

The next morning we woke up to bright blue winter skies, crisp air, and tonnes of sunshine.  All calm was restored.   Jervis Bay 14 Winter on the beach in Jervis Bay Jervis bay in winter Jervis Bay 20 Seana’s house is right on the beach and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  Even though it was pretty freezing, the kids didn’t seem to care at all.  We just hung out for ages, watching the kids play and ‘putting the world right’ with endless and very therapeutic girls talk.  We also went on some beautiful long walks, visited the Huskisson cinema (which is so cute), played in the park, had fish and chips at the local pub and even went for a horse and carriage ride through town. Of course there was also lots of cheese and wine and even more nattering every night once the kids went to bed.

As far as holidays go, it was one of the most relaxing I’ve had in a long time.
Jervis Bay girls holiday in the winter The one thing we did every evening was go to the beach to watch the sunset.  It was so spectacularly beautiful that I became a bit obsessed with it.  I took so many photos, that you’re just going to have to see them.   Jervis bay sunset Jervis Bay in the winter Jervis bay sunset I think Jervis Bay is my new most favourite place EVER.  I will definitely be back, but hopefully when it’s a teensy bit warmer.

Have you been to Jervis Bay?

Are you obsessed with beautiful sunsets?

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P.S.  If you’re reading this Seana, THANK YOU so much for letting us stay in your gorgeous house.

17 comments on “Winter on the beach in Jervis Bay”

  1. Oh my Gosh! You’re such a beautiful photographer. Those pics are gorgeous, as are the kids. I’ve never even heard of Jervis Bay, but now I want to go. How nice of Seana to let you stay there 🙂

    • Aw thanks Renee. I was the opposite – heard so much about it but never seemed to make it there. Will definitely have to visit one day next time you’re in NSW xx

    • Oh Byron Bay, that’s my second favourite beach. Last time we were there I was heavily pregnant with Lexi-Rose. I loved it. Have an awesome weekend x

  2. Oh Robyn, those BEAUTIFUL photos!! I have a tear in my eye looking at your gorgeous girls doing the same things we love doing. Sitting and walking on that wall is a highlight for my twinnies too. I think that Jervis Bay is as much a sate of mind as a place, or perhaps it just transforms my mind into a much more relaxed and wholesome version.

    You must get to Jervis Bay is summer too. So glad you had a great time. xxxx

    • I can totally see why you love it there Seana and you’re so right, it is a state of mind. We just had the most relaxed chilled few days and even though it was cold the girls just played and played and played – such a joy to watch. Thanks again and I hope you feel better soon xx

    • It’s the perfect light for photos. Along with the sunrise, but I can never seem to drag myself out of bed that early to catch those 🙂

  3. Its fantastic to see it through the eyes of a tourist. As a local its easy to forget about the beauty that is on our doorstep when bogged down with the routine of life/house/work/kids. We even get a bit over the hoards that infiltrate our part of the world during the peak in Summer therefore don’t venture over to the coast when we know it will be crawling with people.
    You came at a fantastic time to appreciate all that the area has to offer while it was a little quieter. Shame you didn’t get to do a whale cruise as its a lovely way to explore the bay from on top of the water as the boat goes out and around the bay.
    Jervis Bay (and the whole Shoalhaven) will welcome you back for your next trip. And the cinema is quaint – we took the kids to Minions the week before you came down.

    • I think we can all get a bit like that. I’m on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and they are beautiful too (although I think I love Jervis more.) I often forget how lucky we are to live here and also get cranky when all the tourists flood down in the summer. I really wanted to get out on the boat and see the whales but I just wasn’t sure how my youngest would cope on a boat. MUST do it next time and I will be back x

    • Thanks Lucy. There is definitely something about it isn’t there. So beautiful and yet so rustic and undiscovered too x

  4. Oh wow – how lucky are you to be offered the use of a beach house from a friend?! Jervis Bay looks gorgeous! You’re getting good with the camera Robyn. I would have been beside myself with such lovely sunsets to photograph. Love the ones of the kids too! 🙂

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