dB5 go camping

Last week we went off on our second ever family camping trip and I reckon you could call us seasoned experts now!!  If you’d have asked me 5 years ago whether I’d even go camping let along enjoy it, I would have just laughed at you!!  Isn’t it amazing how life can change?  Although I don’t think I could do that hardcore kind of camping where there is no power or running water.  This girl still needs some home comforts.

We borrowed a giant trailer from our neighbours (thanks Big Ed), which was awesome because it meant that I could pack anything I wanted (which almost included the kitchen sink).  In fact we did even load a fridge straight onto it .  I might have packed my hairdryer too. dB5 go camping

We picked a beautiful spot (fully powered of course) in the stunning Nelson’s Bay region on the Northern NSW coast.  It was just shy of a three hour drive away from home, which is the perfect amount of time for the kids to be in the car before they start to drive me demented.  We put Master J right in the back row with an Ipad otherwise he just can’t seem to be able to stop himself from tormenting the girls!!  The more they scream the bigger the kick he gets out of it!  Siblings hey??  dB5 go camping

We could probably have streamlined our set up a little better, especially as it was blowing a gale and the tent was almost swept away before it even went up.  Tensions might have been slightly raised for a moment or two but nothing a cold beer and crisp glass of wine didn’t sort out.  Our lack of skills might have shown a little when we opened up the tent and realised that we hadn’t actually aired it out since our last camping trip!  I was probably the only person spraying air freshener (yes I packed it) and scrubbing the floor on the first day.  Thank goodness the weather was glorious enough to dry and air it so quickly.  Mental note to do better next time!!   db5 go camping part 1

Master J made a bunch of friends from the second we arrived, and I almost forgot we had a son for the amount of time we actually saw him.  He disappeared for hours in the park coming back ever so often for food.  I was very grateful that my two girls are such good friends.   They’re both too young to go off on their own, so it was perfect that they had each other to play with.  One evening Mr D and I made a deal: He would teach Miss H to ride her bike with no trainer wheels and I would potty train Miss L.  It was the perfect time and place for both …….. or so we thought!!  Sadly we failed miserably!! Oh well, we’ll just have to try again next time. dB5 go camping dB5 go camping

I realised just how much Master J is growing up while were away and I really had to re-evaluate my parenting skills.  The girls still want me or Dad (mostly Dad) to go everywhere with them, and are happy for me to fuss over them with hats and sunscreen and my camera.  Master J on the other hand was mortified to have his mum ‘hanging around’.  He and his little ‘gang’ of friends were very independent and I had to really take a backward step.  We had to set some ground rules for him and he was pretty good at sticking to them, which helped.  Secretly I think he would far rather have checked in with us every so often than have his mum calling out to him in front of the ‘gang’.   dB5 go camping

The campsite we stayed at was fabulous for the kids which really gave Mr D and I a chance to relax and catch up.  We even managed to set some personal goals one evening (I hope you’re impressed Dad?).  The school holiday programme was awesome too.  We watched the worlds worst magic show (well the kids enjoyed it), enjoyed some slightly sketchy live music a couple of evenings (thank goodness for chilled wine).  The kids even got to boogie one night at Ruby the clown’s disco (which was actually pretty damn good).  They had an absolute ball.   db5 go camping 11

dB5 go camping
This is the face of pure (happy) exhaustion

One of the most interesting things of all about camping is the people watching.  It’s fascinating to watch how other families interact and lets face it, you can’t help but notice things when your tents are pitched right on top of each other.  I’ll have to leave those stories for another post though…….. stay tuned!

Do you love camping??  Are you a seasoned expert or a bit of a princess like me??

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24 comments on “dB5 go camping (part 1)”

  1. Gosh I love the look of your tent. We use to live near there, it’s a nice spot. I’m looking forward to having our first night camping since we moved to Perth (5 years ago now) next weekend. I’m not looking forward to packing everything up though.

    • I’m not sure which is worse, the packing or the unpacking?? It’s all worth though if you can get away for a few days. There really aren’t any distractions camping so you’re kinda forced to chill out which is great. Hope you have fun. Oh and I love my tent too – it took me AGES to convince Mr D that we should get it x

    • It’s just fascinating isn’t it? Although I do get a bit paranoid that people might think I’m staring sometimes x

    • Yes yes yes – really fun!! (just as long as it doesn’t rain). You guys are going to love it. I reckon you’ll be just fine with Maddi – girls tend to want to stick around ‘home’ a bit more than boys do I think. When are you going?? x

  2. I have not actually camped with my lot but I have the best memories of camping every Christmas holidays down south with my family. It might be time for me to invest in some gear and introduce camping to the boys xx

    • Well if I had a choice I would far rather be on a sun lounger in the Caribbean but I have to face facts that the kids just love it. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it actually xx

    • OMG yes, I think I should write a list post. We still managed to forget things, even though we filled that massive trailer, lol xx

  3. Oh, you’re getting me so excited about our first camping trip (Not quite sure when that’s going to happen but soon I hope!)
    That’s interesting that Master J is at that stage where mum just can’t “hang around” I know I’m going to be there in a blink of an eye!

    • It happened way quicker than I ever thought it would. I better start preparing myself now for I start to become ‘the embarrassing mum’!!! You guys will just love camping xx

  4. I love camping but it’s been so long since I’ve been. In fact we haven’t been since before we Punky. We have talked about it a lot lately though and I think next year will be the year for going again. Punky will hopefully be toilet trained by then and Zee will be well and truly old enough to not have to be stopping her from touching and putting every damn thing she finds in her mouth!

    Looks like you guys had an awesome time, and yes I do definitely love the people watching aspect of camping and holidays, it’s always so fascinating!

    • Yes I can totally imagine the chaos of two of two lively (and very cute) little girls. I had the best intentions to try and day time potty train Lexi while we were there but failed miserable. She’s just not into yet so I’m just going to have to wait and do it on her terms, I think x

  5. We haven’t camped and I’m not sure if I’m made out for camping. I’ve done it without kids and hated it so not sure if I’d enjoy it with my kids. Having said that, how amazing are the camping sites? So many kids activities. I love that you and your hubby got to have some time together and make some goals. This post was a reminder that kids grow up and sometimes don’t want their mum around them. I can’t imagine that stage yet while I’m in the thick of baby/toddler/early kindy age.

  6. I think you either love it or hate it Bec, a bit like vegemite, lol! Yes they do – my oldest is 8 at the end of month – can’t believe it!!

  7. Oh this sounds fun, I love campsites because the kids can belt aboyt, cars go slowly, it’s all pretty safe and they find friends… not that we camp but I had some great holidays with other mums and kids staying in cabins in campsites at Jervis Bay… my husband is not a camper… not even a cabiner really!

    • Hahaha, I think your husband and I would get along very well. That used to me – but I’ve come a long way!! I’ll even admit to enjoying the camping x

  8. I love “Free Camping” where there is no power and no water! Its great to re-connect with each other that way.
    Mind you I also enjoy camping with power – I just enjoy getting out n about.
    We live in a Motorhome but also have a Camper van so we are now experiencing a lot of different ways to travel.
    Mind you when my boys were all little {especially our older two} I never used to like Camping…guess time changes a person!
    Being close to other families – guess you can hear a lot!

    • I’ve heard a lot of people say that they didn’t enjoy camping with kids. I guess it depends on their ages – I don’t think I could do it with babies! I must be so amazing for your kids to experience all that traveling. x

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