Well I don’t mean to brag or anything I think I am getting this camping malarky down to a fine art!

We decided to split the drive into two halves this time, as quite frankly, anything more than 3 hours in the car with 3 kids is just torture.  Unless you leave in the middle of night while they’re still asleep (or so I’ve been told).  We planned to be on the road at 4:30pm and we pulled off the drive way at 4:29pm.  It had only taken us most of the day to pack but that’s by the bye – we still left on time and that’s all that counts right??  Unfortunately Friday night traffic bit us in the butt and it took 5 hours instead of 3 to get to our first stop.  Luckily the kids were too excited to care and a stop at Macca’s for dinner made up for being stuck in traffic!

Camping at Nambucca Heads (part 1) 1 Camping at Nambucca Heads (part 1) 2 Camping at Nambucca Heads (part 1) 1 After a quick stop over at our friends farm in Bulahdelah, we headed off bright and early to Nambucca Heads.  We almost didn’t make it as we came minutes away from running out of petrol! Emily, our sat nav (who apparently needs a software update) decided to take us on a wild goose chase in search of a service station.  Tensions were running high and although I managed to find several on google maps on my phone, of course Mr D knew better and wasn’t taking directions from me or Google!!  Our friends (or were just behind us in their car) were prepped to come and rescue us as we were about to break down, but we (actually Google) managed to get to some fuel at the very last second!  After some slightly amusing txt messages between my friend and I and a full tank of petrol, we were on our way again. Camping at Nambucca Heads (part 1) 4 The weather was roasting hot when we arrived but the water views were so incredible, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit excited.  The kids were chomping at the bit to go for a swim, so we had to get our tent set up in record speed.  Even though I had packed everything but the kitchen sink, we managed to get it all set up relatively stress free.  One of the great things about our lovely bell tent is that is goes up in about 5 minutes!!  Mr D does all the ‘muscle’ bits and then I make it all look pretty – well as best you can when camping anyway!!  Bunting and fairylights make all the difference I think. camping at Nambucca Heads part 1 20 After a jam packed afternoon of swimming pool action, I poured myself a large glass of wine and we all headed off for a sun set walk – or adventuring with torches as the kids put it.  The boys brought their fishing rods to try their luck off the break wall too (sadly no fresh dinner that night).  It was the perfect end to our first day of camping. This is really what it’s all about.   camping at Nambucca Heads part 1 25 camping at Nambucca Heads part 1 25 Nambucca camping 40 camping at Nambucca Heads part 1 24 If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you might have noticed that things didn’t quite stay as perfect……..find out more in part two of our camping adventures – coming soon.

Are you and your family campers??  Do you love it or hate it??

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18 comments on “Our Camping adventures at Nambucca Heads (part 1)”

  1. Sounds like fun Mrs D. I wish Mr Chardy was keen to go camping, but he is not. We used to camp all the time for holidays as kids at a caravan park by the beach at Forster, god we loved it. Took our bikes and made lots of friends. It was so much fun.

    • It’s the best fun ever for kids. I took a little convincing (ok a lot) but I have really loved (most) of it. Wine and good friends definitely help xx

  2. A bell tent! I haven’t seen a bell tent since I was a girl guide circa 1984. What a fab tent for a family camping trip (especially the bunting – how can one expect to camp without bunting?). Looking forward (I think) to part 2. Bit nervous for you! x

    • Well sadly my pretty tent didn’t live up to its expectations!!! The bunting on the other hand was fabulous and got lots of admirers xx

    • Oh we need to chat about camping, I’ll have to let you in on some insider knowledge – now that I am an expert and all that, lol! Can’t go anywhere without bunting, it’s a rule! x

    • Thank you lovely!! The tent is very me and took a Looooooooog time for me to convince Mr D that is was a good choice xx

  3. Your tent is so freakin awesome. You guys seriously know how to do camping and if Trent ever gets the god awful idea of going camping I’ll be showing him your camping set up so he knows what I expect.

    P.S. I don’t do camping, can you tell?

    • Hahahaha, yes I hear you! Believe me, I was just the same as you. I needed a LOT of convincing before we took the plunge. Hence the pretty tent – I needed something!! x

    • Well, before I give that info you might have to come back and read part 2 of my story when it’s up……….

    • That you so much. I love it too – so pretty and it got so many admirers. Sadly it wasn’t quite as awesome as it looked….

  4. We have just done 6 weeks camping in our new camper trailer (which does include the kitchen sink!) touring down the coast and around Tassie. Having the camper trailer made all the difference to our camping – lots of storage, quick to set up and pack away (although all the things we took with us still took a while!) and comfy beds for everyone. We all loved it – I was quite at home and loved being outside – you get to experience so much – the wildlife, the changing skies, the stars. In fact when we had a couple of nights in an apartment, we missed being in the tent and would have preferred to have been camping! We did experience 100mm of rain one night and the tent did let us down on that occasion! Looking forward to reading Part 2! I’m glad you’re getting into camping! I’ve never seen such a beautiful tent!

    • Oh Sara, we’re going to have to catch up for coffee some time soon. Our tent turned out to be a total disaster and we are both now convinced that we should buy a trailer. I’ll have to pick your brains. LOVED all your photos on facebook. It looked like you all had a magical time xx

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