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So who’s celebrating Halloween tomorrow??  My kiddies are so excited.  Miss H has changed her mind about what to dress up as about a hundred times this week.  We’ve gone from a witch to a ghost, to Queen Elsa (of course) and back to the ghost again!  Master J is still deciding whether it’s or not it’s ‘cool’ to dress up and Miss L has no idea what it’s all about but is excited because everyone else is!  I’m loving that it’s on a Friday this year too.  It means that mummy might just have to get the wine out (well if the kids get lollies, it’s only fair).

I’ve had such a crazy week this week that I haven’t done any baking at all.  I really should have been more organised as when I started searching for Halloween treats in the Thermomix I could hardly find anything!!!  I’m definitely going to have to get creative next year – can’t have all that delicious pumpkin going to waste!!

It was Master J’s birthday yesterday and this time last year I make some delicious Nigella Lawson inspired chocolate chip halloween cupcakes for him to take in to his class at school.  I even got a compliment from the teacher so they must have been a hit.  This year he requested ice blocks so I didn’t have to bake.   thermie thursday halloween edition

I also did a round up of my five favourite halloween bakes last year.  The cinnamon, pumpkin and zucchini bread is delicious by the way.

Later this afternoon I’m going to make chocolate brownies for the kids lunch boxes tomorrow using my Thermomix double chocolate surprise recipe and give them spooky sprinkles and grins for a little halloween twist.

The 4 blades blog has done a brilliant podcast with a selection of very spooky Halloween recipes.  If you pop over and listen to it, it’ll tell you just how to make spiders legs, blood shot eyeballs and witches fingers.  Now you really don’t want to miss that one do you???

thermomix halloween edible eyeballs
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Will you be doing any Halloween baking tomorrow???  I’ve been summoned on to face painting duties for all the kids in our street by Miss H, so I’ll have to get into the kitchen today instead.

Oh and before I forget, here is a great post by my lovely friend Rachel at Our Town Brisbane on How to carve a kick ass pumpkin.  I do hope mine ends up looking as cool as hers does!!   halloween-pumpkins-1

What are you doing for Halloween??  Do you celebrate it?

Happy Halloween, I hope you have fun whatever you do.

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  1. I love the look of those eyeballs from The 4 blades blog! I probably won’t have time to make them this year but I will definitely file for next year. And thank you so much for linking my post – you are very kind xxx

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