Thermomix Thursday #5 the bread edition

Last week I visited the Tip Top bakery’s headquarters and got a fascinating insight into how bread is made.  Bread making has always been something that I thought was way beyond my cooking capabilities until I got my thermomix.  Now nothing really daunts me and I’ve tried out some amazing recipes.  I even made this fancy pants twirly wirly garlic bread – from scratch!! I think I outdid myself on that one. It’s perfect to take to a dinner party or BBQ because it looks so pretty (and it smells pretty awesome too).   thermomix garlic and herb pull apart bread I decided since I have been having a ‘bread’ kind of week that it would be the perfect theme for this weeks round up.  There are absolutely hundreds of thermie bread recipes out there if you just search google. Hopefully I’ve picked a few good ones for you today.

thermomix dutch-oven-bread-recipe
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This recipe for one minute thermomix dutch oven bread by The Super Kitchen Machine blog is a firm favourite in our house.  It’s such an easy recipe and it both looks and tastes amazing.  It’s actually a recipe that Mr D found a couple of years ago and we’ve been making it every since.

We’re not a gluten free family so I’ve not made many gluten free breads but I have made these spelt bread rolls from ‘What Caroline Cooked’ several times and they are great.  They work really well for hamburgers as well as a good old ham salad sandwich.  They freeze well too, which is always handy.

thermomix spelt rolls
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No bread round up would be complete with a great banana bread recipe and this one from Retro mummy is divine.  It’s so easy and it works every time.  I make banana bread every week without fail as it’s such an easy snack to put into the kids lunch boxes.  Like veggie-mite sandwiches, they just don’t seem to get bored of it.

thermomix banana bread
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While we’re on sweet breads I made the most delicious and healthy bread and butter pudding this week.  I used coconut milk and coconut sugar and it turned out with the most divine caramel flavour.  I left out the raisons as no one in my house like them.  With Christmas just around the corner (eeek) you could always soak the raisons in brandy overnight and make a Christmassy bread and butter pudding with a brandy cream sauce.  YUM!

Are you a bread fan??

What is your favourite bread recipe?

See you next week.

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7 comments on “Thermomix Thursday #5 ‘The bread edition’”

  1. What a great round up! I love a good herb pull apart bread but funnily enough I’ve never tried to make one before. I’m actually putting in an order for my first thermomix next week – to say I’m just a little excited would be a HUGE understatement!!

  2. I’ve been meaning to make my own bread for awhile, but never really knew where to begin. Never heard of a thermomix either, so thanks for sharing your tips. 🙂

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