Thermomix Thursday #4  The breakfast edition I thought I’d start this week off with that Shonky award.  If you hadn’t heard of it before (like me), the ‘Annual Choice Shonky Awards’ are awarded to products or companies that just aren’t cutting the mustard.  It’s not really an award that you’d like to parade around.  Thermomix were award a Shonky this week, not for their product (which we all know is fabulous) but for their poor customer service over the launch of the new TM5 a few weeks ago.  I’ve been happily sitting on the fence with this one because I’ve had my thermie for a few years now so it didn’t really affect me.  However, I kind of have to agree with the Shonky.  Put it this way, if I’d received my brand spanking new Thermomix the day before the new one was launched and wasn’t able to swap it, I’d be a pretty unhappy camper too!!  I’m still not sure Thermomix has quite ‘got it’ yet either, as their response to the Shonky offering customers a lemonade recipe didn’t quite cut the mustard either (in my opinion).

Anyway getting back to the machine itself (which I still love).   The lovely Corrie from Retro Mummy wrote a fabulous review of the new TM5 this week about whether she thinks it’s worth it.  I’m still yet to try one but it does look pretty cool.  Here’s a little video demo of one (with some hilariously dramatic James Bondy type music).

For this weeks great recipe finds I thought I’d concentrate of breakfast.  We’ve been in such a rut recently that I needed some inspiration.  My very helpful hubby does great banana pikelets every Saturday morning and I’ve even started making them during the week, which has delighted the kids. They’re super easy to make and with just 3 ingredients are healthy too.  You can find the recipe here banana oat pancakes in thermomix

I recently discovered this recipe for fruit filled cereal bars which I am dying to try (I might even make them this afternoon).  They are from “The road to loving my Thermomixer blog’.  I stopped buying these fruit bars a while ago when I realised just how much sugar was in them.  I am so exited that I can actually make my own now and ‘see’ the real fruit going in.  I am pretty sure my kids are going to love them – and what a perfect breakfast for those days when you’re on the run!! They’d make a great lunch box snack to.

thermomix fruit filled cereal bars
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Another great find was these delicious kid friendly green smoothies from the Organised Housewife. They’re a great way to get some ‘greens’ into the kids, especially as the weather starts to warm up.  My kids are pretty good at drinking green smoothies, although I have experimented a few times and got it wrong!!!  They’re not backwards about coming forwards to tell me about it either!!  Seana, from Sydney Kids Food and Travel, also has some great non-green Thermomix smoothies recipes on her blog too.

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Well that’s it from me today.  I hope I’ve given you some breakfast inspiration to keep you going for a week or two.

What are your favourite breakfast recipes??

Do you think Thermomix deserved the Shonky award?

See you next week.

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4 comments on “Thermomix Thursday #4 ‘The breakfast edition’”

  1. I am totally with you Robyn – I have kept quiet about the whole TM launch too but I agree that it was pretty poor. I really think they should have let everyone know months in advance and offered a reduced price on the older version. I have had mine for less than a year (but close to) so I wasn’t too worried, but I would have been very annoyed if I’d only just bought one! On a lighter note- I am making your pikelets this weekend for breakfast! Cant wait!!! xx

    • I definitely think with the rise of their popularity and social media that they need to re-think their strategy next time. Hope you enjoy the pikelets x

  2. Yup, I’m with you, Robyn. I think the Shonky Award was well deserved, great product, shame about the service! As it happens, I’m going to a TM 5 demo in a few weeks, I’m very intrigued! I love a green smoothie in the morning and my favourite combo is green apple, orange, spinach, cucumber and frozen banana. It’s so good even my veggie-phobic hubster drinks it! I just mastered a healthier version of LCMs in the Thermie so I’m keen to try those fruity bars. Gotta love a Thermomix!

    • That smoothie sound amazing, I’m going to try it. Send me some recipes and I’ll happily feature them. Also I’d love to know how the TM5 demo goes…..

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