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Hello from beautiful sunny Sydney in the school holidays.  I have 5 kids at home with me today and currently they are all having a great time with the garden sprinkler under the trampoline.  How long before the first one cries is debatable…….I’ll give it 15 minutes!

It’s week two of Thermomix Thursday and I’ve found lots of cool stuff across the net this week.  Firstly, for those of you that already own a Thermomix, the Thermoblitz blog is giving away a Thermo-Boutique bowl buddy.   The competition runs until the 1st October so pop over and enter now if you’d like to win one.

Thermo-boutque bowl buddy
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I use my thermo-server a lot, for keeping food both hot and cold.  I often use it to keep cut fruit nice and cool when going to the beach or the park and these bowl buddies are great and keeping the lids from coming off when you’re travelling with them.

thermomix gluten free choc chip cookies
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Chocolate chip cookies are a staple in our house.  I love how quick and easy they are to make.  I can even get a batch made and cooked before the kids leave for school in the mornings.  Seriously they’re that easy!!  This choc chip cookie recipe is my go to and I make them at least twice a week.  The dough is freezable too.  I noticed this week that Retro Mummy posted a gluten free choc chip cookie recipe which looks fabulous.

Another recipe that looks great and is also gluten free is Quickly Cooking’s light and fluffy gluten free scones.  Sadly I have yet to make a scone that actually looks like a scone.  Mine always taste lovely but look more like biscuits than scones.  Has anyone got any tips for getting scones to rise??

thermomix ciabatta bread
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I stumbled across another great Thermomix blog this week, a new one for me and I love it.  It’s called ‘What Caroline Cooked’ and how good does this ciabatta bread she made look??????  I am definitely going to give it a try.

Finally here are a couple of treats the kids will love.  Home made cordial from the lovely Annaleis at Teapots and Tractors and my chocolate ice magic.  You must remember squeezing ice magic all over ice-cream when you were a kid.  I bought some not so long ago for my kids and when I had a taste it was nothing like I remembered – it didn’t even taste like chocolate!!!!  I saw this recipe floating around Facebook recently and decided to try it in the Thermomix.  I was SO excited when it actually worked and the kids LOVED it.  It’s pretty simple to make too:

Add 300g good chocolate (or a sugar free alternative) and 3 heaped tbs of coconut oil to the Thermomix.  Melt together for 4 minutes on 90 degrees, speed 1.  Pour into a sterilised jar and store at room temperature.  ENJOY.

thermomix ice-magic

That’s it from me, I am being summoned to deal with a crisis on the trampoline.

See you next Thursday

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4 comments on “Thermomix Thursday #2”

  1. Haha good luck with the trampoline crisis! So many good finds in this post. I definitely need one of those bowl holder things. Gosh the ciabatta looks amazing. But my fave is your ice magic. I’m going to make some today! How easy and yummy. I wonder how it would go if you added a tiny bit of peppermint essence too? Thank you for linking up with our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party – have a great weekend! xx

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing. just wondering how you can follow ‘what Caroline cooked’ blog. I can’t seem to access it. I used her recipes with my first child and am very keen to use them again with my second but seems she is private and I can’t request to be added?
    Thank you so much.

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