thermomix thermie thursday Welcome to my very first edition of ‘Thermie Thursday’.

It’s really no big secret that I love my Thermomix.  I’ve had it for around two years now and it’s totally become part of life in my kitchen.  I probably use it at least once every day if not more.   It’s loud whizzing sound no longer makes anyone jump up and wonder what on earth I’m doing, in fact the kids don’t even bat an eyelid now.

I’m always checking the web for new Thermomix recipes and tips to try out, so I thought ‘Why not share my finding with you?’  Every Thursday I’m going to share any cool Thermomix tips, tricks, recipes or stories that I’ve discovered.  Feel free to contact me if you have anything you’d like to add – I may be a web surfing, pinterest roaming addict but I still do miss things.

Here are this weeks finds…..

Thermie Thursday - the thermomix TM5
Image credit: Thermomix in Australia

Whether you’re a Thermomix owner or not, you must have noticed all the social media hype that has been flying around over the last week about the release of the new TM5 model. The Handbag Mafia blog has summed up all the commotion very neatly in her post THERMOSTORM: THE CONTROVERSY.  Yes the new model does look very swish, is slightly bigger and quieter and has a fancy recipe chip thingy, but the end result (which is what we’re after) is exactly the same as the old one.  I’m still very happy with mine (although I wouldn’t say no if I was offered the new one).

thermie thursday 3 way fudge
Image Credit: Bake Play Smile

With the school holidays just a few days away I’ve been scouring the web for some new snack recipes to feed the kids.  I always seem to have at least 5 kids around at any one time during the holidays and boy do they EAT!!  Even the little ones seem to be hungry every half an hour.  My Chewy chocolate and date biscuits always go down well, but I couldn’t go past this recipe for three way fudge from Lucy at Bake Play Smile.

Thermie Thursday - kids craft supplies made in the thermoix
Image Credit: The road to loving my thermomix

Keeping the kids entertained during the holidays can often be challenge in itself.  Hopefully the weather will be warm enough for a few beach days but if not ‘The road to loving my Thermo Mixer’ has some awesome recipes for making homemade kids craft supplies in the Thermomix.

If you’re fairly new to Thermomix it can be quite daunting.  I remember when I first got mine I was too scared to venture away from any actual proper Thermomix recipes.   Nowadays I’m more than happy to give converting any recipe I find a go.  Most of the time it works, but every now and then I still have a kitchen disaster (luckily far fewer than before I had my Thermomix).  Jo from Quirky Cooking has a great guide on converting recipes for the Thermomix, which is a really useful read.  You can also find some fabulous tips for cleaning your Thermomix over at the Super Kitchen Machine blog.

Finally did you know that Thermomix has it’s own Thermomix Youtube channel???  Well I’ve only just discovered it and there are loads of cool videos to watch, so check it out if you’re keen. (Tip: If you’re trying to convince a partner that you REALLY need a thermomix, try showing them a video).

Well that’s it for today.  See you next Thursday!

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12 comments on “Thermomix Thursday #1 The first edition”

  1. Hi Robyn; Thanks for this informative post. You are not alone… there is so much out there about Thermomix, we can’t see it ALL. For that reason, I thank you so much for including a link to my blog in this post. I’m now keeping watch and looking forward to more of your Thermie Thursdays 🙂

    • You’re very welcome and thanks for letting me share you tips. I think I’m going to have some fun with Thermie Thursdays xx

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