A good friend of mine has recently become a Thermomix consultant.  Not so long ago I had never heard of it and when I did, I really didn’t think too much of it.  A kitchen appliance that can do EVERYTHING.  Really??!??!!??  After I saw it in action I was not only converted, I was in LOVE!!  It really is a kitchen princess (rightfully named by my friend’s three year old).  So when Noleen asked me if I could hold one of her first demo’s in my kitchen I jumped at the chance.

Doesn’t she look pretty on my bench top?

My instructions were to invite a few friends for lunch.  All I had to do was provide a kitchen, a few trays of ice, a couple of eggs, some crackers and a small jug of milk and she would do the rest.  Easy!!  She was going to cook us a five course lunch in two hours.  How wonderful.  Mr D was on babysitting duties to make sure the kiddies were kept entertained but I think he was also quite intrigued to see how the kitchen princess would perform (especially after I have been going on and on at him about how amazing it is and how it really really IS going to change my life).  So….no pressure them!

Noleen started off by telling us a little about the Thermomix.  It’s German made, (of course, all good machines are German made)! It cooks, chops, pummels, cuts, slices, grinds, crushes, mixes and whips!  Impressive so far (especially to me who is not naturally gifted in the kitchen).  At it’s highest speed it has enough power to fly a small aircraft but only uses the same amount of power as a hairdryer!  In fact is uses four times less power at it’s highest temperature than a single hob on an oven top.  “Did you hear that Mr D?” I call from the kitchen (must put that down as reason no. 1 to purchase Thermomix – saves power, which saves money!!).  I must take note of all these facts as I know Mr D will make me give him a full presentation (with a bit of begging thrown in).

First course was a strawberry, lime and mint sorbet.  Yum.  Firstly, Noleen threw some raw sugar in the bowl (no need to measure as the kitchen princess does it for you).  She then pressed a button and in less than 10 seconds the sugar had been converted to icing sugar!  Just like that!!!  Well, I was amazed anyway.  She then threw in a handful of fresh strawberries, a little fresh lime and some mint leaves along with a couple of trays of ice.  Again one little button the sorbet was ready in about a few minutes (could even have been less).  The smell of the crushed mint and lime coming from the top of the Thermomix alone was devine!  It tasted absolutely delicious.  You see, I need one!!  Imagine being able to say to the kids, “if you eat your dinner, I’ll whip you up some ice cream by the time you count to 20!”

The kids loved it so much they had 3 helpings – I even froze the leftovers and made ice pops!

Next was the bread demonstration.  Not only did the Thermomix mill the wheat to make flour in seconds, it also kneaded the mixture to make a perfect dough, all at the press of a button and quicker than you could ever do it by hand! And the best part – NO MESS!!  She even self cleans!!!

The bread was PERFECT and just like ‘Blue Peter’, Noleen had some delicious “here’s some I made earlier” butter that the kitchen princess had whipped up from a carton of cream.  Good bye preservatives (Another point to put on my list for Mr D)

Next on the menu was some homemade hummus -to go with my crackers!  Even Mr D had to admit that it was amazing.  A can of chick peas, some drizzled lemon, a glove of garlic (perfectly chopped by the Thermomix in 2 seconds), some tahini, lemon zest and olive oil and just a couple of minutes later we were eating it!

Yummy!  The smell of garlic as it was whizzing up was just amazing

For lunch Noleen then made us the most  delicious, creamy mushroom risotto that was cooked to perfection in (yes, you guessed it) the Thermomix.  It even sautéed the onions after weighing and chopping them.  We ate it with our warm, freshly baked bread.  She also made the most incredibly easy and delicious raw salad.  It consisted of an apple, a carrot, a couple of peeled beetroots, half an onion and some coriander leaves.  Nothing was cored, peeled or chopped – just thrown right in, Now, I’m not a fan of beetroot but this salad was seriously good.  I just can’t get over how quick and easy really good food is to make, and the fact that you have total control over the ingredients is just fantastic – especially for a healthy growing family (with limited time and an mummy who is not the greatest chef).

Add a bit of feta to this and it’s AMAZING

Finally the kitchen princess made us a delicious, creamy and oh so yummy lemon custard, that again was whizzed and cooked in just a few minutes.

The demo was so much fun and it was a fabulous girly afternoon.  I’m totally converted and in my humble opinion I don’t think the Thermomix needs much selling as she really does sell herself.

I have set up a fund to save up to have my very own kitchen princess – feel free to contribute :)))

If anyone living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches would like to have their own Thermomix demo, you can contact Noleen Lance at noleenlance@mac.com

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  1. hi Robyn, I am a new Thermie owner! and very excited to be on this journey…
    Loving your website and blogs – a new find.
    Wondering if you can post some main meal ideas – I have 5 teenage sons and there’s not a lot of difference between feeding time at the zoo and my home when they get home from work/school!
    Looking forward to your suggestions and ideas.

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