I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t done much baking at all.  My poor thermomix is sitting very sadly on the kitchen bench desperate for some love.  Miss H has also been on my case too – she’s a real little baker in the making!!  This is the first weekend in ages that we haven’t had too much on, so I’ve decided that it’s going to be a baking one.  With Halloween coming up in the next couple of weeks (which my kids just LOVE) I thought ‘why not do some halloween inspired baking?’  Who would have thought you could make such delicious treats with pumpkin??

Before I made a mad dash the supermarket (yes on a Saturday morning, crazy I know) I hit Pinterest for some ideas. There were so many beautiful and gorgeous recipes to try that it was so hard to choose.  Here are my top 5 (although I might have to do a ‘part 2’ to this post).

Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Scones
These are from Lexi’s clean kitchen.  I made these and loved them.  I love Lexi’s blog too, it is full of delicious and super healthy recipes that are gluten, dairy (and often sugar) free.

Image Credit: Lexi’s clean kitchen

Chocolate Ghost Cupcakes
I thought these little cuties were perfect for Miss H and I to make together – as they’re not too complicated.  I just used my favourite chocolate cake recipe (which I’m sure you all have one too – or just grab a packet mix).  Add some white buttercream icing and voile!!  Oh but don’t forget to decorate them with some chocolate drops.

Image credit:  I found this image on Pinterest but could not find it’s original source.

Scary Face Brownies
For these cool dudes I used my Raw Chocolate Fudge Brownie Recipe and then we had heaps of fun making scary little monster faces on top with lollies and sweets.  Even Master J got involved in this one.  I found the original idea at Sprinkles and Grins.

Image credit: Sprinkles and Grins

Cinnamon Swirl Zucchini Pumpkin Bread
Now this is one loaf that you actually have to try.  The kids weren’t overly enamoured by it (the other more chocolaty treats were higher on their list of favourites), but this was MY favourite by far.  I got the recipe from a lovely blog called Julie’s Eats & Treats.

Image credit:  Julie’s Eats & Treats

Pumpkin & Marshmallow Rice Bubble Treats
What kid doesn’t love rice bubble squares??  This is a really quick and easy halloween twist to your traditional rice bubble squares and it’s super yum and fun to make!!  This little gem originally came from Gabby at the Essentially Eclectic Blog.

Image Credit:  Essentially Eclectic

I’ve used up whole pumpkin (well the butternut squash version) today so it can’t be all bad and I think I have enough treats to last ‘ahem’ a week maybe??  I might have to ask the neighbours round for afternoon tea today.

If you have any great Halloween recipes, please do share them?

Happy Halloween Baking!

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