*This post is NOT sponsored and although I was sent a lovely gift pack of Yorkshire Tea and cake, I was not expected to write this post nor was I paid.*

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So as I mentioned in the above disclaimer, I received a rather lovely package of tea and cake from the very kind people at Yorkshire Tea.  It is one of the perks of blogging I must admit and when a huge tea drinker (that’s me) receives a surprise supply of her favourite tea it makes for a very happy day.

Inside my pretty tea package was this really cute little mini tea cake loaf.  I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much, for some reason I thought it would be dry, but you know …… I couldn’t resist a little taste anyway.  Turns out I ate the whole thing.  It was delicious!!  So much so that I wanted to try and re-create the recipe.

I googled a few tea cake recipes and there wasn’t much around (must be an English thing), so I decided to just ad-hock and make my own one.  Usually when I make up recipes I have to make a few batches before I get it right as there is always something that goes wrong, but with this one it just worked!!  I totally surprised myself!! I must have a sneaky baking talent hidden up my sleeve after all!!

It was so good that between Mr D and I (who was working from home that day) we ate almost the whole thing!  He had his with some single cream and I had mine with yet another cup of tea.  I bet it would be amazing with custard too.

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So here it is – A Fruity Yorkshire Tea Cake Recipe in the thermomix.

Fruity English Tea Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A deliciously moist and fruity loaf. The perfect thing to have with a cup of tea.
Recipe type: Thermomix
Serves: 8-10
  • 150g raisins
  • 150g glace cherries
  • Juice and zest of 1 orange
  • 225g hot tea
  • 50g butter
  • 100g brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 225g plain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 3-4 tbsp brown sugar (for topping)
  1. Add the fruit to the bowl and mix for 15-20 seconds on speed 5. Set aside.
  2. Place the orange rind in the bowl. Whizz for 1 minute on speed 10. Scrape down the sides and repeat if necessary. Set aside.
  3. Boil the kettle and add the hot water to mug with a single tea bag leaving it to soak for a few minutes.
  4. Add the fruit, orange zest and orange juice to a large mixing bowl and pour over the hot tea. Cover with a tea towel and let it sit for 3-4 hours (or overnight).
  5. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and line a loaf tin with baking paper.
  6. Mix together the butter and the sugar for 1 minute on speed 6 until light and creamy.
  7. Add the egg and beat on speed 4 for 15-20 seconds.
  8. Add the flour and baking powder and mix on speed 3-4 for about 20-30 seconds until well combined.
  9. Add the mixture to the fruit and gently combine it all with a spatula.
  10. Pour into the loaf tin and sprinkle the top with a generous layer of brown sugar.
  11. Bake for an hour. A knife or skewer should come out clean if inserted into the middle of the cake.
  12. Allow to cool completely before serving.
If you soak the fruit overnight, the prep time for this cake is only 10 minutes.


So are you a tea lover? What is your favourite brand?

Have you tried Yorkshire Tea?

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12 comments on “A Fruity Yorkshire Tea Cake Recipe in the thermomix”

  1. I haven’t tried Yorkshire tea, but will add it to my list.
    I love Yogi Tea. My favourite is ‘calming’. Actually I’m going to have some right now! 🙂

    • Oooh not hears of Yogi tea – that sound interesting. Have you tried Buddas Tears from T2?? It’s delicious x

    • *waves* Hell. Love having a fellow Brit pop in and say hi. It’s so soo cute – the worlds greatest fluke!! x

    • You’ll have to share your recipe Alicia. This one kind of reminded me of Christmas cake and I LOVE Christmas cake x

    • Aw thanks lovely, I am a tiny bit proud of it if I do say so myself!! The only tough bit is that I now have to go back and edit SO many of my old posts to fit in and it’s its sooooo time consuming. I’ll get there though. xxx

  2. I haven’t tried Yorkshire tea (or Buddha’s Tears for that matter), but I’m loving the look of this tea cake. For a girl who claims to be a lousy cook, you’re turning out some delicious looking stuff lately.
    Thanks for linking it with I’m Pinning Around xx

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