when life throws you a curve ball

When life throws you a curve ball

Last week I wrote about the tough decision I made to move both my kids from the school they’re currently settled at, to a totally new school next year. We’d all just about got our heads around the decision, and Josh, who totally freaked out at the first mention of it, was actually starting to do […] Read more…

sometimes mums make mistakes

Sometimes mums make mistakes

As a mum I have to make decisions for my kids on a daily basis, especially as they’re not old enough yet to make a lot of them for themselves.  I don’t always get it right and suffer the mummy guilt consequences for a while before we all get over it and move on.  However, there […] Read more…

16 signs you are living with a threenager. fancy dress

16 signs you are living with a threenager

Yesterday afternoon my 3 year old fell asleep in her carseat just as I pulled up at the school gates.  Considering we only live 5 minutes from the school and she was apparently absolutely, definitely NOT tired, I am convinced the 3pm nap of doom is just another one of her hidden talents. Just when you think […] Read more…

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