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It’s Monday.  It’s raining cats and dogs outside.  My washing is still on the line (also outside). We have no food in the house and I probably won’t make it to the shops today. HOWEVER I have about an hour before Miss L wakes up from her lunch time nap.  So guess what I’m going to do???  Make a cup of tea and write about the A – Z of me!  Fabulous I hear you say.

So here goes………….

A.  If you were an ANIMAL what would you be?

A cat of course.  They’re smart, they’re the boss of EVERYONE and they get to take a nap whenever they want to.

B.  BOOKS.  What’s on your reading list.

Nothing.  I can’t remember the last time I read an actual book.

C.  COMPULSIVE about anything?

Shopping – and not the food kind.

D.  DREAMS.  Do you dream in colour?  Remember your dreams?  Keep a dream journal?

Who has time to keep a dream journal??  I never remember anything.

E.  EATING.  What’s your usual snack?

Plain yogurt with chopped banana, nuts, seeds and honey.  YUM.   the a to z of me

F.  A few of your FAVOURITE things.

My camera, my bed, white chocolate malteasers.

G.  GIGGLES.  What or who makes you laugh?  Do you have a good sense of humour?

I hope so.  You should probably ask someone else who knows me that question.  Gavin and Stacy will ALWAYS make me laugh though

H.  Major HOT button.

Homophobia and judgmental parents.

I.  I am……..

A very lucky lady.

K.  Also KNOWN as…….Aliases?  Screen names?  A non de plume perhaps?

Mrs D, Mrs Diamonds, Robs, Rob, chicken (thats what my Dad calls me).

L.  I LOVE……

All my family, my friends, the ocean, taking photographs, smiley people, red wine, writing, Saturday morning pancakes.   the a to z of me

M.  How do you feel about MEETING people?  Do you do it all the time?  Rarely?  Parities or one-on-one?

Working for an airline for 10 years means I’ve had lots of practice at meeting new people and making conversation quickly.  However, I still get pretty shy when meeting new people especially when I’m in a new or unknown situation.  I wish I could say at parties, but those days are long gone!

N.  What’s the story behind your NAME?  Were you named after anyone?  Do you go by a nickname? Any aliases?

My Nana (Dads mum) wanted to me to have a biblical name and was apparently putting a lot of pressure on my mum.  So mum did what any good daughter in law would do and found the least biblical name she could.  I like my name.

O.  OBSERVANT.  What’s around you right now?  What do you see?

Apart from the computer screen in front of me, I can see the rain pouring down on my washing, which I stupidly forgot to bring inside before the heavens opened!!

P.  Who are the most special PEOPLE in your life?

My hubby and my kids and all of my family and friends.   the a to z of me

Q.  Any little QUIRKS about yourself?

I sleep on my tummy.  I have a little tattoo on my back left hip.  I hate paddle pop sticks.  If I ever see one of the kids (or anyone) sucking or licking a paddle pop stick, I think I could go crazy.  It’s like the nails down a chalk board effect for me!!

R.  What do you like to do for RECREATION?

Walk on the beach, take photos or just sit in a coffee shop with a good friend and natter without a time limit.

S.  Do you SING in the shower?  In the car?  For your friends.

Sadly I don’t think I would have any friends I attempted to sing for them.  I do love singing in the car though and so do both of my girls (drives Mr D and Master J crazy though).

T.  What’s at the top of your TO-DO list?

To learn how to edit video.

U.  Any UNUSUAL experiences??

I guess I could say meeting Brad Pitt in my pyjamas was pretty unusual!!

V.  VEGAS, Vienna, Venice, Vladivostok……. How far have you travelled?  What’s your favourite City?

I’m pretty lucky and can tick almost all of those off my list.  Working for Virgin Atlantic meant I have lucky enough to see some amazing places around the world.  It’s hard to choose a favourite city ……. New York is pretty hight up there, as is Hong Kong and Sydney.

W.  WINTER, spring, summer, fall – what’s your favourite season and what makes it special for you?

Spring.  Most definitely spring.  There is something so uplifting and happy about the warm weather, blue skies and beautiful flowers starting to appear after a long, cold winter.  Although I can’t really call the winters here long and cold, but I still wish the spring would hurry up so I can stop wearing boots and get my thongs back out!

X.  EXES……

We learn from our mistakes.

Y.  Any secret or deep YEARNINGS??

To take my kids to Europe while they are still young.

Z.  ZERO to ZENITH.  Where are you in your life?  Still growing?  On an upward (or downward) curve?  Just skating along?

I’m definitely still growing and learning.  I don’t believe that will ever stop.  However I feel I’m on an upward curve right now and happy to say I’m happy.  Long may it last.

So there you have it.  A perfectly good waste of an hour on a rainy Monday afternoon.

Come back tomorrow because I’m sharing an awesome GIVEAWAY from Forever Clover.  If you have a little girl, you won’t want to miss this one.

Happy Monday

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    • Nope it’s not just you! Just the thought of it makes my toes curl!! URGHH!!! Oh yes, Brad Pitt – now that was an embarrassing moment, lol xx

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