year of the budget It’s just such a crappy word isn’t it?  I tried my best to pretty is up in the above infographic, but when you say it out loud, it still sucks!

Budgets are one of those things (like diets) that I’ve never really been able to stick at long enough to see any major results.  Usually if I buy a dress for half price in a sale, I give myself a high five for budgeting.  I’ve always been a spender, I’m sure it’s in my genes somewhere.  The trouble is, so is Mr D, so between us we are hopeless!!  I’m so good at convincing myself that every purchase I make, I REALLY REALLY need, that I think I could sell ice to the eskimos without any problem at all!!

The last few years (since moving to Sydney) have been pretty tough for us financially, and although I haven’t spoken about it much before, we have had some seriously stressful moments.  With everything else in our lives since the big move finally feeling settled and stable, now is the time to make friends with that word and get my head out of the sand!!

So this is it, I am embracing the budget.  This year I will be chanting “Do I really need it?, Do I really need it?” on repeat at ALL times.  I am going to create and stick to a budget as well as try to bring in some of my very own income.

I am also determined to find a way of making ‘Budget’ a far cooler word.

I will keep you undated on my progress.  Please wish me luck and if you have any advice, tips or tools that I might need PLEASE send them over.  I will be very grateful.

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18 comments on “The year of the BUDGET”

  1. Great word and focus for the year, although a tough one. I just cleaned out my wardrobe and felt really guilty about the silly one off purchases so this year I am determined to be smarter with my purchases this year when it comes to clothing. Good luck!

    • Thanks Jodi, it’s sure going to be a challenge. I’m also so guilty of those one off purchases – got to be smarter this year too x

  2. Using a budget app definitely works, we find on the weeks we don’t use it things tend to spiral. Having said that in my experience no matter how hard we try there is always something that hits us out of the blue. These last two years have definitely been the hardest for us so it’s back to work for me this year! X

    • Good luck going back to work Jane. I would have absolutely no idea what I would do if I was to go back. I am going to do my best to try and earn some money writing this year. What budget apps did you use?? x

    • Thanks Bec. We’re in that boat too and now that my baby is getting bigger it’s time for me to start finding some sort of income. I am really hoping that I can pull it off with blogging this year. Hope you have a prosperous year too x

  3. I’m on a mission to improve my budgeting skills this year also and to hopefully save some money. I found a spending tracker called Track Every Coin and have set that up on my laptop. I think they have an app too. It looks quite good so far. Good luck!

    • Thank sounds awesome, I’m going to look it up. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit of an eye opener to see where all my coins actually disappear to every months x

    • Thanks Mandy. Sounds like you’ve got a good mission for 2015 too. Embracing ones self is a lot harder than it sounds. I think you’ll do great though x

    • Oh thanks for this Shelley, it’s perfect. I’ll definitely be looking up how you did your budget (and following you closely this your too). This money planning beginner needs all the help she can get x

  4. Good luck!!! You will need to make a “Do I really need it?” card to put in front of your credit card in your purse. Then every time you go to pull out your credit card you get a little reminder. Hmm, maybe I need one of these too!

    • Shall we just close our eyes, dream of infinitely pools and pineapple cocktails while we do it?? x

  5. Good luck, I think it’s always good to have your reason in place for being sensible with money ie save for something important and work at it to get to the goal.

    And then it’s a positive not a negative to be sensible with money… and NEVER run up money on a credit card, that was such a great lesson my hubby taught me on Day 1 of our love affair.

  6. We call it a money plan. We include pocket money for us as well. A certain amount of money to spend on what ever we want each week. So if I want a magazine or a pretty dish it comes from that budget. We have a yearly amount for clothing, and all or hobbies too. I find having a realistic plan of how we spend our money is actually freeing.

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