So we’re on day 8 of Blogging every day in May.  Admittedly I have skipped a couple of days with the extremely poor (but very real) excuse of just running out of time!!  Yesterday was one of those days but it had a great prompt …”who is your mentor” and just incase you’re reading this mum, it’s you!!

So, getting back to today….WHO AM I INSPIRED BY??

I’m going to live in the moment on this one and the people I need inspiration from right now are those that do NOT suffer from procrastination and the terrible habit of perfectionism!!

Why is it that I cannot sit down and do some much needed work when the floor needs vacuuming, the dishwasher needs to be unpacked, the washing needs to be folded and put away, and the toys on the floor……….well don’t even get me started on those!  I WISH I could just turn a blind eye and concentrate on the list of things I would actually love to do with my (minimal) child free time.

I was like this as a kid too.  I remember that I could never sit down and do my homework until my desk and even my bedroom, and sometimes even my wardrobe were tidy!!  (Sadly none of my kids have inherited this).  Everything has to be ‘just so’ before I can concentrate on anything else.  It’s procrastination at it’s best and it’s a TERRIBLE habit.

I so aspire to be like those people who can just overlook the mess and actually achieve something in their day.  I could do so much more with my time, if only I would just let myself (and stop wasting time).

The worst part about about needing to clean up all the time is that it never ever stays clean and tidy ……… and I know that!  So why can’t I just ignore the mess – even for a day???

Are you a perfectionist??  Or do you suffer from procrastination?  Tell I’m not alone.

If you’re not hung up on everything being perfect before it’s finished, or you’re able to overlook the mess in your house, please please send me some inspiration (and tips)!!

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5 comments on “Who I am inspired by……(right now)!”

  1. I can work in any kind of mess, but I can’t relax in it.

    My work desk area I am often surrounded by boxes and busyiness, but at home my couch area needs to be empty!

    • Oh I wish I could work and relax with mess. I think I may have some slight OCD tendencies, lol!! Oh the bright side, my house is almost aways tidy :))

  2. I am naturally messy but married to a neat freak so I have to curb my ant hills of paperwork. I always panic when people say they are coming over to visit, I dash around hiding everything in the laundry until they go home haha… I do like a clean house & can operate like Claire mentioned but since having the kids-Cleaning is like ground hog day xx

    • haha, I can just imagine you running around cleaning before someone comes to visit. Awesome plan – I need to adopt it too. You are so right about ground hog day though!!!! xx

  3. Mess? What mess? Oh the laundry that has been in the basket just 3 metres away from my computer for 24 hours, the messy floor, the washing in the laundry – MEH! It’ll be there tomorrow lovely. Love that your mum is your mentor

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