Over the last couple of weeks Mr D and I  have been literally attacking the back yard (ok, well mostly Mr D – I’ve been supervising)!!  Even though we still live in a rented property I just can’t help getting attached to them.  Mr D has been very cautious about putting too much ‘investment’ (especially emotional – for my sake) into a house that isn’t actually ours.  I know he’s right, but I just can’t help myself.  It’s like I’ve got some urging maternal instinct to make the house we live in into our home.  Sometimes I am just totally ruled by my heart but I actually think that’s ok. Heads can’t always win!!

Realistically we won’t be in a position to buy our own property here for the next 3 years and in my books, thats a VERY long time to live in a house that you can’t at least put a tiny stamp on. All houses need a little bit a TLC if you ask me.  Mr D has finally agree that I might have a teeny tiny point and that it really isn’t going to hurt anyone to do up our back yard.  “At least we can enjoy it for the next few years” I told him (point number 53 as to why I am right on this one)!!

Our back yard currently has a nice big patch of grass and the rest is just weeds, weeds, weeds!! Every time I look out over it from the kitchen window I’m itching to just get in there and rip everything out.  Our landlord very kindly agreed to give us some help and I successfully managed to convince Mr D (who is currently on Gardening Leave) that Gardening Leave really is for gardening!! Don’t you think???

Here are a few pics on what we’ve done so far!  Still a long way to go yet, but I will keep you posted on progress I promise!!

So who’s a keen gardener??  My mum and gran are AMAZING gardeners (my Gran even won a few competitions for her garden back in the day).  I wish they were closer to give me some tips.

Does anyone have any great tips on what works well in an Aussie garden (especially one that is pretty close to the Ocean – I’ve heard that sea air is not good for all plants).

I’d especially love your ideas on creating a veggie and herb garden.  Maybe we could even get some chooks??? They’ve got to be cuter than our resident bush turkey – and we’d get eggs!

Happy Friday xxxxx

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4 comments on “What to do with gardening leave?”

  1. I completely get being invested in a rental property and I always like to make my mark on every one I’ve lived in. It is still your home… Definitely go for a veggie garden and chooks! Nothing better than fresh eggs and both will provide a great lesson in where food comes from for the kids.

  2. The secret to maintaining the health and integrity of the garden is characterized by regular inspections to detect any sign of disease and other environmental problems that could arise. Nonetheless, having a garden is challenging yet very fulfilling.

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