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So how good are you at solving riddles?

Master J’s class have been having some special days at school where the kids have been doing Maths and English challenges with their parents.  Some of them have been pretty damn tricky and I’m starting to think I need to go back to school.

I picked up this morning “PARENT CHALLENGE”  and it has been driving me crazy all day. They are a series of riddles that we have to solve and I am sofrustrated that I can’t get them.

I’m clearly not as good at thinking outside the box and solving riddles as I thought I was.  I managed to get one right answer and I reluctantly had to take to Google for the rest.

What’s ever worse is that the answers are so obvious once you see them.

I have decided to set you all the challenge of solving the riddles too.  Do you think you can think outside the box without enlisting Google to help??

Here they are…….. thinking outside the box thinking outside the box thinking outside the box So how did you do??  Can you guess which one I got right without Google’s help??  I hope I’m not going to drive your poor brains crazy all evening now.

I’m going to put the answers up on my Facebook page tomorrow, so check in if you want to see how you did.

(Oh and I made all these images using the WordSwag App on my iphone – it’s really cool, you should check it out!!)

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