For those of you that know me well – I love fitness classes!  Some might say possibly to the point of obsessive (5 classes in 1 day was my record – oh those were the days!!).  I promised myself that one of the first things I would do when I landed down under was to search for a nearby Body Combat class.
Clearly that has not happened yet and it has been soooooooo long since I last did a class that I can actually feel myself wobble when I walk!!!!  Worse still I am finding myself on the verge of a heart attack every time I have to run down the beach to catch a kid!
So today I thought “that’s it!  i’m going to do a class even if I have to make it up”.  Problem number 1 is, what do I do with the kids???

This country really is one for health and fitness.  Everyday whilst we’re out and about there are people jogging along the beachfront, personal training in the park, school kids running along the beach as part of their PE lesson and I’ve even seen a heavily pregnant woman swim lengths in the sea before a yoga session on the sand!!  I did think it looked a little odd at first, but then though ‘good for her’.  No ones seems to bat an eyelid at any of this, so I thought I’d try to blend in and do the same.  Although I really don’t know how much blending in I (or we) actually did!!


First off I downloaded the iphone app ‘Nike Training” (it has rave review so it much be good).  Then changed into my gym gear, bundled the kids in the car and told them we were going to do exercises in the park. “Park Park”, they yell, ‘YAY!!” Excellent start!

I choose a 30 minute routine at intermediate level (better ease myself in slowly) called “The Shredder” – brilliant – it even sounds like I should be shedding the flab.  High Leg kicks for 2 minutes she says (she being the personal trainer who’s voice is booming out of my phone) and off I go!  OMG, this is harder than I thought!!  Squats for 2 minutes, high knee running for two minutes…….I’m now beginning to pour with sweat and so oblivious to what’s going on around me that I forgot about the kids for a minute, until I hear this hysterical giggling…….

Picture this:  Mummy doing a very serious workout (in the park) with Josh and Hollie copying my every move!!  Hollie has got the moves down to a fine art and even gets down on the floor with her legs in the air (she definitely got that from watching Granny’s nightly yoga moves whilst we lived there last month).  “YE-HAAA” she shouts while Josh is laughing hysterically (still on the high leg kicks I might add).  


God knows what people passing by must have thought:  A crazy lady doing a very serious work out class with her only students under the age of 5 – with instructions coming out of a phone???  It must have looked like a scene from You’ve Been Framed.  Anyway, I decided that if I was going to tackle the wobble I would just have to throw all inhibitions out the window and  finish my class!  Which I did!  And so did the kids!  

We loved every minute of it and I’m sure I must have lost a few calories!!  
Today was ‘The Shredder’ – tomorrow “The Dynamo!”

3 comments on “The Shredder!!!!”

  1. Ha ha this is gold, you are very brave to do this – not sure I would. But then again it’s actually a great idea for me as I’m SO bad at classes that doing some in the backyard with the kids could be the perfect solution! Thanks for linking gorgeous xx

  2. OMG the Dynamo?! That sounds kinda scary 🙂 You told this story so well. I can just picture you and the kids. I bet you had quite a few passersby wondering what was going on 🙂

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