Isn’t it funny how the last day of summer was boiling hot with really icky,sticky humidity (and a very irritable me because the air con in my car decided to break!!!!) and the very next day, (which just happened to be the first day of Autumn) it was cool and grey?  How does Mother Nature know how to do that???
First few items of winter clothes making an appearance
I’ve decided that I love Autumn.  I get cranky when it’s too cold and I’ve now discovered that I get cranky when it’s too hot too!!  (Not that I’m hard to please, honest!!).  Today was just perfect – even with the angry grey clouds.
After a whole morning of torrential rain, the kids were climbing the walls, so as soon as it stopped we all headed out for a walk.  I just love spending time with my family and it’s days like these that make me absolutely certain we did the right thing moving us all from England to Sydney.
Hard to resist the beach – even on a grey, blustery day
She loves the great outdoors but not the hat!!

The heavy rain, winds and huge high tide had created a massive wall of sand on our usually flat beach, and the kids thought it was FANTASTIC!!!  They had so much fun diving and rolling off it – and Mr D and I had a great arm workout pulling them back up again (and again, and again, and again)  as it was just too high for them to climb it (although there was much giggling while they tried).

Master J and his buddy ditched their bikes for the beach
I nearly ended up head first at the bottom several times much to Mr D’s amusement!
First time I’ve worn jeans in 6 months
Little dudes!

The best thing about Autumn is the skies are (usually) still blue, the water is still beautiful and warm, the days are still warm enough to wears t-shirts but without all the sweating and the evenings are cool enough to finally have a good nights sleep!!

What’s your favorite season??

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12 comments on “The first day of Autumn”

  1. In the tropics there is not so much of an Autumn though around May you can notice a change of temp in the air. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for more beautiful days ahead.

    #teamIBOT says hi x

  2. Such great photos – I’m a spring girl – but don’t mind Autumn, I just don’t like wearing socks and long pants and I hardly did her on the GC but it looks like it might change this season, we’ve had nothing but rain and yuk for months 🙂 Em

  3. No autumn up here. I love though, when I’m driving in the car, usually one day in April, and everything looks clear. You don’t notice it, till it’s gone, but the atmosphere is so thick up here, it’s actually visible.

  4. The lifestyle we have here always reminds me that we did the right thing moving home from England, I miss so much about the UK but it doesn’t take much to show me how much better being here is for all of us… except maybe me, I’ll never be able to have the same career here as over there but that’s ok, being a mum here is so much better. Gorgeous photos.

    • I totally know how you feel. I cried when I had to give up my job to move here and I found it really hard adjusting to being a FULL time mum. But now I wouldn’t change it for the world and every day I know just how lucky I am!! xx

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