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Before I had kids I used to have the best job in the world!! (Not that being mummy isn’t the best, but this was FAR more glamorous).  I was an IFBT or Inflight Beauty Therapist for Richard Branson’s uber trendy airline, Virgin Atlantic.  I used to love getting dressed up into my glamourous white uniform, donning the red lipstick and heading off on my next adventure.

On this particular trip I was headed to Johannesburg in South Africa, which is a 10 hour night flight from London.  I had not long been dating Mr D and had only met his parents once before, when he took me back to Johannesburg for his 30th birthday party.  This was my first trip back since then, and I had promised that I would call them as soon as I got to my hotel, so that they could take me out for dinner.

Night flights are always long when you are working, and if we were lucky we’d get two or three hours of crew rest before landing.  After a spritz of perfume, a fresh coat of red lipstick, some obligatory under-eye concealer and a big smile, I was ready for landing.  The flight was scheduled to land at 6am local time, and once all the passengers had disembarked, we’d got our luggage and made the hour long bus trip to our hotel, I was EXHAUSTED!!!  The first thing I always did when I got to my room was remove all my make-up, take off my uniform and get straight into my comfy pj’s.  I couldn’t sleep all day (even though my body desperately wanted to) otherwise I’d be awake all night and I had to fit in a visit to Mr D’s parents.  I decided I’d give them a call to make arrangements for later that afternoon or evening and then get some much needed sleep for a few hours.  I found the number and dialed it ……….nothing!!  The phone didn’t seem to be working!  I checked the number and tried again……..still nothing.  Feeling slightly irritated, I txted Mr D to check that he had given me the correct number, convinced that he hadn’t, but he had!  I tried again and still nothing!!  The phone was obviously not working so I called down to reception to report it and the damn phone wouldn’t call them either!!!  I just wanted to give up and go to sleep but knew that if I didn’t call them now it would be too late.  So I shoved my feet into the hotel slippers and set off down to reception.  I was so annoyed and so tired that I didn’t care that I was in my pyjamas, in public, in the middle of the day (with no make-up on)!

I stood in the queue at reception in my own little world, trying to remind myself that it was not the poor receptionists fault that I ‘m tired and my phone didn’t work.  When it was my turn I took a deep breath, put my smile back on and said “Hi there, I’ve just come down because the phone in my room doesn’t seem to be working and I really need to make a phone call”.  She didn’t even seem to hear me and for some reason kept looking over to her left and not at me.  “How rude!!” I thought. “You REALLY don’t want to me messing with me right now – I could be in bed!!!”  “EXCUSE ME!” I said, quite a bit louder.  “Oh. sorry” she replied and then flashed her colleague a smile and looked over at her left again.  “What the hell was going on?” I though, turning around to see what was so interesting………….and there HE was!  Brad Pitt!  The REAL Brad Pitt.  Just standing there.  Like, right next to me!! As I had just raised my voice he turned (obviously to see which idiot was making such a fuss) and we locked eyes.  He smiled and just casually said “Hey” and all I could do was stare (my jaw might even have hit the floor too) ……. and then I started muttering something…….I can’t even remember what – probably “Hi or sorry” or some other random rubbish.  After probably only a couple of seconds he turned back and finished checking out (which I later found out from the receptionist who was very keen to fill me on the gossip).

It was only once I got back into the lift that it dawned on me that I was wearing my pyjamas!!  If only he has been there just an hour before when I was all glammed up in my whites – I probably would have remembered how to speak then too!!

Have you even had a moment where you have looked like a complete idiot without even realising??

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  1. I’m speechless, jealous, in awe and PROUD! This is one of the best claim to fames I’ve ever heard. I bet you have some stories tell from you job, I hope I get to hear some more one day 🙂 x Em

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