Beautiful jacaranda hanging over our balcony
The last few weeks have been pretty action packed in the dB household.  The weather has certainly been hotting up as we make our way through the spring.  I must say I have been quite amazed by the season changes in Sydney.  For some reason I didn’t think they would be as prominent as they are in England.  The whole area has just exploded in the most vibrant purple as all the Jacaranda trees have come into bloom.  There is also this amazingly sweet perfume in the air from the beautiful flowering jasmine and frangipani.  The humidity is something that I am not as fond of though.  There is nothing more uplifting than waking up in the morning to blue skies and sunshine streaming through the bedroom window, but some days the humidity that accompanies it is quite unbearable!!   Using my hair straighteners or hair dryer in the mornings is not always an option these days, after two seconds I feel like I need to shower again.  

bed time entertainment in a tent
A few weeks ago we decided to try out “camping” with the kids.  The reason I say “try out” is because camping is really not something that has ever been high on my agenda!  Over the years I think I have gained a some what unjust reputation for being slightly high maintenance, but when it comes to camping I think I’m just going to accept it!  However, as the weather here is glorious most of the time and the campsite was only 5km down the road from home, I decided to give it a go!!  We borrowed a tent and set up camp with 4 other families that we’ve become great friends with.  There were 10 kids in total and they just had the best time ever!!  Watching their excitement actually brought back some very fond memories of when I used to go caravanning with my family as a kid.  So in conclusion I’ve decided that camping was actually great fun for both the kids and the grown ups and sleeping in a tent wasn’t so bad either (I just kept thinking of how bad it was to do an 8 hour plus night flight on a jump seat and suddenly a blow up mattress became heaven).  It also helped to be 5 minutes from home where I could pop back for a sneaky shower – cheating some might say……… but I prefer to think of it as using my initiative!!  I’m still not totally convinced that it will become a regular fixture on the dB calendar! 
Nic and I putting up a tent!  Done like experts!!
Nanny mummy is also spreading her wings and the dB family is expanding.  We’re all very excited to be joining the Aussie average as our two will soon become three!!  I believe the word ‘hectic’, which is what best describes my days, is going to be brought to an all new level soon!!  Our little bundle is due in early June.  Master J and Miss H have been very involved with the pregnancy so far and have been with me to all my scans.  Quite obviously Miss H thinks the baby is a girl, called “girl” and Master J is desperate for a brother – he even says he will cry for 88 days if the baby were a girl!!  No pressure then……….
Super cute at 13 weeks

The final count down is now on until the end of the school term and Christmas and there is just so much going on.  Master J has been preparing to start ‘big school’ next year and we’ve had several visits to the school for various orientation days.  He is so excited to start and shouts ‘there’s my school’ every time we drive past.  I think I am going to be learning almost as much as him next term.  It’s also going to take a new level of organisational skills to get us all up, dressed and organised with the right labeled ‘morning tea’ and ‘lunch’ boxes packed, library bags, water bottles, hats etc and still getting to school on time!  I did get a little lump in my throat when I saw him all dressed in his school uniform.  I really didn’t think I would be one of those mums that shed a tear on their baby’s first day of school, but I am beginning to wonder… (I could always blame it on hormones!!).  Miss H is also starting Kindy next year and will go two days a week.  I’ve been a little more worried about her starting as she has never been anywhere without me.  I arranged for her to have a play date with her new class and when I explained it to her, she became almost hysterical!  “Oh great!, this is really not going as planned” I thought.  “I don’t want to be a starfish” yes cried.  “I stay with Master J in the whales” When we arrived she clung to me like glue until I opened the classroom door and then she just ran in and never looked back!!  I was the one left feeling like I needed a stiff drink.  So clearly we have nothing to worry about on that front and she’ll now quite happily tell everyone she’s going to be starfish after Father Christmas comes.

All grown up

Christmas is just around the corner now and I cannot wait – although I must admit I am struggling to get the festive spirit going.  I know it’s a cliché but southern hemispheres Christmases REALLY aren’t the same as the northern hemisphere!  That magic sparkle just seems to be missing!   I guess it’s because the evenings are much lighter here and so the kids are already in bed when darkness fall so we never get to see any twinkly lights.  There are also NO Christmas songs played on the radio – not one!!  Thank goodness for digital radio, I never thought I’d ever appreciate Chris Evans.  He really got us in the mood when we put our tree up the other day.  That experience was a mission in itself.  Firstly I had to go to the mall to buy the tree with two toddlers, hundreds of busy Christmas shoppers and of course Santa!  We made it home almost unscathed and then had to battle the colour-coded branches (which didn’t match) to get the tree to look like a tree.  “It almost looks like a Christmas tree, mummy” Master J says, mid way through my third attempt, sweat dripping down my face!  “Well, it’ll just have to do” I say.  What do you think Miss H , I ask “It’s soooooo pretty” she says.  Yay, at least someone appreciates my efforts!!  Next week we have Master J’s school concert and then we are going to “carols on the beach’ where I believe Santa will be arriving by jet-ski to see the children.  But best of all my parents are arriving to stay for three whole weeks!!!!!!

Enjoying the Aussie summer
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