The lovely Pip from ‘Meet me at Mikes’ has posted about taking stocking this month.  It made me realise that the last time I ‘took stock‘ and had a close look at where I am and what I’m doing in that moment was just over a year ago.  It’s amazing how time flies!  Pip is so right that we should all be doing this more often as it’s a lovely way to really catch up with yourself.  taking stock

Here’s a look at where I’m at today:

Making :  A list of what to pack for our camping trip up the coast next week.
Cooking :  Not much right now but I will have to think about what to make for dinner soon.  I’m thinking a spag bol because it requires minimal effort and everyone eats it.
Drinking :  Tea.  Although I kinda wish it was coffee but I’m too lazy to make one.
Reading:  Course material from a course I’m currently doing called Brandlicious.  It’s all about getting me and my blog ready for working with brands.
Wanting:  Mr D to come home from his work trip to Singapore.  It feels like he’s been gone for ages.
Looking:  Forward to spending a few days camping with Mr D and the kids next week.
Playing:  With a new video app on my phone called Hyperlapse.  
Deciding:  What to do next with my kid free day.  My to-do list is so long that I’m procrastinating.
Wishing:  My family lived closer.  Always wishing my family lived closer.
Enjoying:  The silence.  Except for the chitter chatter of a couple of rainbow lorikeets outside.
Waiting:  For tomorrow so I can eat.   I’m following the 5/2 diet and today is a fast day.
Liking:  My life.  I’m content right now.
Wondering:  Whether or not it’s going to storm and whether to hang my washing up outside or inside?
Loving:  That summer is on it’s way.  I’m a real sunshine girl and I love the summer months.
Pondering:  How I can get better at managing my time next term.
Considering:  Going for a walk around the block to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.
Watching:  The Bachelor.  Well I will be tonight (I know, I know – don’t judge me).
Hoping:  That we have warm sunshine next week for our camping trip.
Marvelling:  At my orchid which is re-flowering beautifully.  I was convinced it was dead over the winter!
Needing:  To get better at going to bed early.
Smelling:  Rain.  It’s coming.
Wearing:  Comfy harem pants and a t-shirt.
Following:  The disappearance of little William (spiderman).  How on earth can a child just vanish???
Noticing:  That my wooden floors could do with a vacuum and mop.  No point until after the school holidays though.
Knowing:  That in less than six months I’m going to be seeing all of my family all together for the first time in forever.
Thinking:  The next blog post I could write.
Admiring:  A lovely friend of mine who is going through some pretty touch chemo at the moment for breast cancer, and every time I see her she’s smiling and positive.  Amazing lady.
Sorting:  Kids clothes – they are growing up so quickly.
Buying:  Not much.
Getting:  Stuff done today while the kids are out of the house.
Bookmarking:  Anything I find on beginner photography.
Disliking:  This annoying fly that is buzzing around my head and can’t seem to find the open door to get outside.
Opening:  Mail – and it’s not very exciting!
Giggling:  When the kids are around.
Feeling:  Guilty that I’m not with the kids today.  I don’t know why though, as they are off into the city with school holiday kids club and are probably having tonnes of fun.
Snacking:  On nothing! 
Coveting:  A glass of wine and a foot massage.
Wishing: I could eat a piece of chocolate.
Helping:  Master J improve his handwriting (he is not a fan of punctuation).
Hearing:  Lawn mowers humming in the distance – the sound of summer.

I’ll try and not leave it a whole year until I do this little exercise again.

Have you taken stock lately?

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8 comments on “Taking Stock: September 2014”

    • It was!! We were so lucky and had a fab time. I quite enjoyed doing this post – will have to do it more often x

  1. I love these taking stock lists hun and you know what – I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU with the Bachelor in fact I am already wondering what I am going to do with myself on a Wednesday and Thursday night when it finishes. I will be lost! Hopefully a new Housewives series or something the likes of will take its place 🙂 xx

    • What the hell happened on the Bachelor????? I went away for a few days and s*** seemed to hit the fan. I can’t believe I got so sucked in!! xxx

    • You should – yours will be a great read! Yep camping was surprising fabulous. How was your trip?? I enjoyed your posts, especially about the womens’ meeting – too funny!!

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