It’s been three months since I last did a little ‘taking stock’ on my life and I promised myself I’d do it more often. Also, I wrote this yesterday while I was suffering from a severe self-inflicted hangover, and it was nice to write something that didn’t require too much brain power.

So here goes……..

Making :  A costume for Miss H’s fairytale day at school next week. Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
Cooking :  Summer fish pie.  I love summer dinners, they’re so much quicker and easier to whip up.
Drinking :  Water.  I had waaaaay to much wine over the weekend. 
Reading:  Richard Branson’s “Screw it, let’s do it!”.
Wanting: To lose 5kg (Yes, I know, I just need to get over it!).
Looking:  Forward to Friday.  Miss H and I are going to see Katy Perry.  Wahoooo!
Playing:  With my baby boys.  The cutest little kittens in all the land.    Mrs D plus 3 taking stock Deciding:  What to organise for my sisters hen party.
Wishing:  My family lived closer.  Still wishing they lived closer.
Enjoying:  The fact that I actually don’t have that much to do today (for a change).
Waiting:  For my scatter love cards to arrive from Fat Mum Slim. YAY!!
Wondering:  If I’ll get to IKEA this week.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with IKEA.  I need to go, but it’s just so dangerous.
Loving:  The jacaranda trees.  There is purple everywhere I go at the moment.  It’s so pretty.  Mrs D plus 3 taking stock Pondering:  On whether to go out for a walk or not??
Considering:  Dying my hair dark again.  Will I regret it??
Watching:  Two cockatoo’s swinging on the cable lines outside my window.  They are such characters!!
Hoping:  My friend is feeling better this week.
Marvelling:  At how quickly this year has whizzed by.
Needing:  To do the ironing.
Smelling:  Jasmine from the garden wafting through the house.  I love it.
Wearing:  Shorts and a singlet.
Following:  The local property market.  I wish it would stop climbing at the rate of knots.
Noticing:  That the windows in our house need a damn good clean.
Knowing:  That I’m going to see my family in 4 months time.
Thinking:  That I’m pretty damn lucky right now.
Admiring:  All the beautiful Christmas goodies I keep seeing online.  I LOVE Christmas. 
Sorting:  Through my to-do list.  
Buying:  Paint.  I’m embarking on a bit of DIY at the moment.
Getting:  Excited about Katy Perry.
Bookmarking:  Cool home office ideas.  That’s my next DIY project.
Disliking:  That there is no shade on my balcony.  I can’t wait for it to be installed!! 
Opening:  A packet on almonds.  
Giggling:  At a video I just made of the kids helping to paint a wall yesterday. Feeling:  Pretty content with life right now.
Snacking:  On an orange (and the almonds).
Coveting:  A sneaky afternoon siesta.
Wishing:  I could go back to England – just for a little taste of that northern hemisphere Christmas spirit. 
Helping:  Miss H write a letter to Santa.  
Hearing:  The kittens run up and down the corridor like little lunatics.

My friend Amanda from Cooker and a Looker blog posted her ‘Taking Stock’ thoughts today too. We must be telepathically in tune!!  Pop over and see what’s she’s up too.

How’s your November looking?

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6 comments on “Taking stock. November 2014 (with video)”

  1. We must be telepathically in tune!

    Good luck with Miss H’s fairytale costume. I can’t believe there are so many dress ups at school. The Big Sister had to go to school as a nursery rhyme character earlier this year. I stitched a spider onto a tutu and told her she was Little Miss Muffet!

    • Genius!! I was thinking of red riding hood. I think I can just about handle a red cloak and a picnic basket!! x

    • Hahaha, yes!! There was a reason I was not there, I would have whipped those brushes out there little hands in no time!! I think Christmas makes me homesick although I’m definitely not complaining about the sunshine. Hugs right back at ya x

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