Mrs D plus 3 taking stock 1st May Happy 1st May!  It’s Friday too, so that’s definitely cause for a smile.  I’m in a real procrastinating mood today, which is not good as it means I’m not really achieving much of anything.  What better to do than a little stock take on life today – my favourite little time wasting exercise created by Pip from Meet Me At Mikes.

Taking stock – May 2015

Making: Lolly bags for Hollie’s 6th birthday party at the movies on Sunday.
Cooking: No much today.  Fridays are usually my day off.
Drinking: tea.
Reading: emails and catching up on all the blog posts I missed while I was in South Africa.
Wanting: the rain to stop.
Looking: at the big pile of paperwork I still have to catch up on.
Marvelling: that I got to meet five beautiful Africa elephants in person.
Playing: with my two kittens.  Trying to stop my toes from being eaten!
Deciding: whether or not to do a load of washing.  This endless rain is killing me.
Wishing: the sun would come out.  Cliched I know, but two weeks of rain is ENOUGH already.
Snacking: on home made chocolates. 
Waiting: for my mum to get back from her trip.  It feels like ages since we had a good chat.
Liking: snuggling up under a blanket at night now that the weather is getting cooler.
Wondering: what this month has in store for me.
Loving: being back in Sydney (even though I had an amazing month in South Africa).
Pondering: my ‘way too long’ to-do list.
Considering: myself one very lucky lady.
Watching: a TV series called ‘Satisfaction’
Needing: to do some exercise.
Smelling: fresh linen.  Sadly if from a new oil diffuser and not actual linen. 
Wearing: winter woolies.
Following: The horrors of Nepal and wishing I could do more to help.
Noticing: how quickly my kids are growing up.
Knowing: that I’ll most probably be watching footy in the rain tomorrow.
Thinking: that I really need to finish an online course I started before I went on holiday.
Admiring: those people who are having a productive day.
Sorting: the kids wardrobes.  Summer clothes out and winter clothes are in.
Buying: not a lot.  Sill on that budget.
Hoping: that my Gran gets better soon.
Getting: our new camper trailer this month.  Not sure I’m keep to use it in this weather though.
Bookmarking: a lot of things.
Disliking: bad drivers.  
Opening: some windows to get some fresh air in the house.
Giggling: At a Facebook post I just read about my friend driving to work and then getting the train home (forgetting that she had driven).  I remember doing the exact same thing once, a few years ago, in the days that I was cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic.  I got the crew bus home after a trip to New York, totally forgetting that my car away actually at the airport!
Feeling: like I’ve fallen behind on everything.
Coveting: some new jeans
Hearing: Lexi watching ‘Giggle and Hoot’ on the telly instead of napping.  I have a feeling that my days of her lunch time naps are coming to a rapid end!

So what’s happing in your life today??

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10 comments on “Taking stock. May 2015”

  1. Well there’s been torrential rain falling here for over 24hrs now and the last hr has been quite bad with a storm so I’m pretty much just sitting here trying to come up with ideas to entertain a house bound toddler. If you have any good ideas let me know 🙂

    • AH it’s awful isn’t it. Also I should be grateful that we are safe and not being washed away. Here’s to some sunshine soon :))

  2. Hi Rob, loved seeing your family experience in South Africa. Such an unpleasant return to this dreadful past two weeks of rain and all the dreadful conditions. I think your littlest miss will still have some arvo sleeps. This weather is very conducive ! Denyse xx

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