mrs d plus 3 taking stock aug 2015 The last time I took 10 minutes to take stock of my life was back in May, so I think it’s high time I did it again.  I love this little exercise as it always seem to get me thinking.  Although I’m poor brain is so overloaded at the moment that it might not have been the best use of my lunch time.

Anyway, here are my thoughts.  If you fancy doing a copy and paste job, I would love to hear yours.

Taking stock

Making: A list of everything I still need to do to get my Thermomix ebook off the ground.  I’m so excited about this project and can’t wait to share it with you.
Cooking: Chilli con carne for tonights tea.
Drinking: Water.
Reading: Blog posts about the recent Problogger conference I went to on the weekend.
Wanting:  To have my ebook published by the end of this year.
Looking: At the 93 pages of scribbled notes I took at the Problogger conference and wondering where on earth to start.
Marvelling: At how all of my pot plants are still going.  I never inherited my mothers (or grandmothers green fingers).
Playing:  BBC radio 1 in the background.
Deciding:  On wether or not to move my kids from their current primary school to one that is literally walking distance from our house.  This decision is keeping me up at night.  If anyone has any advice, please share.
Wishing:  This parenting job was a little easier sometimes.
Snacking: Not a lot (had to start the detox again after all the fun at ProBlogger).
Waiting:  For several quotes regarding that ebook again.
Liking:  That I work for myself.  In fact I love it.
Loving: Being home with the babies again.  It was fantastic to have a break from all things ‘mum’ over the weekend, but I’m loving all the cuddles I’ve came back to.
Pondering: Whether or not I should do another load of washing.  I should probably make the most of this glorious sunshine.
Considering: Going for a walk around the block.
Watching: The cute little rainbow birds that come and eat red apples outside my office window every day.
Needing:  To stop procrastinating so much and just get on with things.
Smelling: Roses.  It’s my Jo Malone perfume and I love it.
Wearing: Open toed shoes for the first time in about three months.  That must mean spring is on it’s way.
Following: All the tweets and posts everyone is posting about their Pro Blogger experience. I’m trying to keep up and not feel overwhelmed.
Noticing: How much mess three small people can make in such a short period of time (from waking up to leaving for school).
Knowing: That I’m probably going to get at least one complaint about tonights dinner.
Thinking: I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!
Admiring: People who are super organised.
Sorting:   Through the pile of clean washing that needs to be put away.  I wish there was such a thing as a washing fairy.
Buying: My groceries.  Isn’t click and collect the best?
Hoping: That if I dream big enough, they will come true.
Getting: Through my to-do list, slowly.
Bookmarking: Too many things.  I must stop.
Disliking:  The fact that I can’t put contact lenses in.  No matter how hard I try, I just can’t do it.  Glasses are such a pain and I keep losing them!!
Opening:  Bills.  Although at least today’s one was for wine!
Giggling:  At my unco cat trying to catch a lizard.  He’s not winning at it!
Feeling: A little overwhelmed and a lot scared.  My take away from the Problogger conference was ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough’.  I guess I must be on the right path then.
Coveting:  A new lens for my camera.
Hearing:  The horrible news about the bomb in Thailand.  Honestly, some days I despair about the world we live in!!

What kind of recipes would you like to see in my thermomix ebook?  

Is there anything thermomix that you are struggling with that I could help?

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12 comments on “Taking stock. August 2015”

  1. Recipes i would love to see are easy and healthy. Quick to make. Don’t require a special ingredient.
    We are TRYING to be Gluten Free in our house and recipes call for odd ingredients or one off ingredients and that’s really hard to justify.
    Would also love lunchbox recipes. Things to whip up Sunday and they can be the morning tea lunch box filler…

    • THANK YOU so much for your feed back and ideas Gael. I’ll do my best to get all of those things into the book. Good luck with the gluten free cooking xx

  2. A Thermomix ebook would be fantastic! I am always looking for lunchbox and dinner inspiration. If you need an editor, let me know!!
    We can walk to school and it is wonderfully convenient – so nice to be out of the car. Good luck with your decision 🙂

    • Oh you’re an angel – I very well might just take you up on that editor offer. If I can return the favour in any way or shape, just let me know xx

  3. Oh yay for your ebook! How exciting! I too am a bit overwhelmed with all the tweets and facebook posts after the weekend. I’m kind of glad I’ve had to hit the ground running at work and haven’t had time to think about the weekend, and by the time I get to grips with my notes, I’ll have come back down to earth and have a little more space in my head! It was so lovely seeing you! x

    • So lovely seeing you too. That’s the crazy thing about Problogger – there is so much to learn, but it takes ages to sort it all out and put everything in place. I would LOVE you to guest blog in my ebook if you’re keen??

  4. Hi Robyn, if you are definitely staying where you are for the long term, then consider moving the children BUT if the kids are settled & you are confident of how well the current school is meeting the kids overall needs, leave them there. Again, if it’s for reasons in addition to proximity then you may need to do it. What are the schools like in terms of things that mean most to you? For example, parent communication, programs your kids enjoy, support your kids need.. And try to decide for yourself.. I find getting too many other parents’ opinions can be confusing ! Best of luck Denyse x

    • Thanks Denyse. It’s a real tough decision, my heart is telling me one thing and my head another. I do have a few specific reasons for why I’m even considering this and would love to run them by you if you have some spare time??

  5. Love it! I’ll have a go…
    Cooking: Coconut muffins to freeze
    Drinking: Tea
    Reading: Various articles on SEO (yep, my life is one big party!)
    Wanting: The internet to work on my phone again
    Looking: At a computer screen for too many hours today
    Marvelling: At how amazing my children are (they spent the night at the grandparents last night and I missed them)
    Playing: Peek a boo with Mr 2
    Deciding: On whether I should start a second blog for all my money and budgeting content or keep in all in one spot.
    Wishing: The 20kg I gained during Mr 2’s pregnancy wasn’t still hanging around (I tried on my favourite dress today and it is WAY too tight)
    Snacking: On Jarlsberg cheese (see note above re baby weight…)
    Waiting: For some kind of sign about the direction of the blog (or second blog)
    Liking: That I work for myself. In fact I love it. (stole yours…)
    Loving: That it’s FRIDAY!
    Pondering: Sleep… or more research
    Considering: Changing phone plans
    Needing: To “just do it” and stop thinking about it
    Smelling: Cocunut muffins baking away
    Wearing: PJ’s
    Following: New bloggers I met at Problogger
    Noticing: How tidy my home stays when the boys are out
    Knowing: That I’m loved by two little people
    Thinking: I should be sleeping not typing
    Admiring: People with endless motivation
    Sorting: Through ideas and inspiration
    Buying: eBooks
    Hoping: That if I dream big enough, they will come true.
    Getting: Through my to-do list, slowly.
    Bookmarking: Too many things. I must stop.
    Disliking: That the washing never ends and the house doesn’t clean itself
    Opening: Browser windows. I have 12 open right now :/
    Giggling: At Woogswold (see reading above…)
    Feeling: Tired
    Coveting: Actually nothing at the moment
    Hearing: The cricket on the TV in the background

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