A couple of weeks ago we drove into Sydney (all of 45 mins) for a family weekend stay-cation as guests of the Cambridge Hotel. It was Father’s Day too which made it extra special to be away together for the whole weekend.

Sydney weekend away at the Cambridge Hotel 1
Late night??

We often go into the city for the day, but this was the first time we’ve stayed over and the kids were beyond excited!!  The Cambridge Hotel were the perfect hosts too and couldn’t have been more accommodating.  I did worry that the whirlwind of chaos my three swept though the hotel might raise a few eyebrows, but we just got smiles (phew!).  I was actually very proud of the kids for being so well behaved.

On both nights there was lots of giggling, jumping on the beds and sneaky “9pm” chocolate snacks. We even had room service on Sunday morning which was a real treat for the kids.  There is NO WAY I’d let them eat rice bubbles and hot chocolate in bed at home!!  sydney weekend away at cambridge hotel Sydney weekend away at the cambridge hotel

The weather was pretty rubbish so we spent our Saturday hanging out at the Powerhouse Museum doing science experiments, which even Mr D and I enjoyed!  By the afternoon the kids were desperate to just get back to hotel so they could use the pool.  I’m not sure the couple trying to have a romantic cuddle in the spa appreciated Master J’s dive bomb though!!  That evening had dinner at the Baccomatto Osteria restaurant in the hotel and their no fuss approach shone through.  The food was amazing and the service even better.  Our lovely waitress not only convinced Master J to try some extra extra spicy sausage but she also managed to get the chef to make plain (boring) tomato pasta for the girls!  The wine was fabulous too.

The sun came out for Dad on Sunday and we hit Darling Harbour for some more fun.  Ice-creams, wombats, giant cuddly kangaroo’s, ninja turtles in 3D and and getting soaked in a fountain all made for an absolutely awesome weekend. https://www.mrsdplus3.com/2014/09/science-experiments-kids-powerhouse-museum-plus-slime-recipe.html

Here’s a little video we made to sum up it all up.  Can you guess what made Miss L so cranky??  Oh and I apologise if you can’t get the song out of your head now – it’s annoyingly catchy!!

*(Music credit:  Live Louder by Nathaniel)

So where should out next weekend away be??  Any suggestions??

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24 comments on “Sydney family weekend away (with video)”

  1. I love staying in the city and I’ve been meaning to do it with my kids. Just stepping out and having all the buzz passing by – it’s so different to our suburban existence.
    Looks like you had a lovely time together as a family unit. These times are important.

    • My kiddies loved the buzz of the big city too and weirdly enough even though we were so close to home we felt like we’d had a real break x

  2. I have a huge soft spot for Sydney. We visited in 2012 and I loved it. If I had more money I could see myself living down there. We conceived our daughter while on holidays there and we’re going back again next year so here’s hoping Sydney works its charm again.

    • I love it too. We’re been here for three years now and it’s got it’s charm every time we head over the bridge. Hope it works it’s magic for you xx

    • Mmmm tough choice – weekend with or without kids!! Hahaha, I think they both have their advantages. I do miss having my mum around to help though – you’re very lucky xx

  3. I was only thinking how I can’t wait to take our girls away to a hotel in the city and spend time in the City. You never visit the main attractions in your own city and it makes for an easy trip away from home. Maybe the next trip could be the Snowy Mountains next year in Winter?

    • Mr D is desperate to take the kids skiing. He’s just been waiting until they’re old enough to really enjoy it. I think it will definitely be on the cards for next winter. xx

    • Oh Kylie the girls will LOVE it. We literally couldn’t get Lexi out and even J and H enjoyed. Definitely worth a visit xx

  4. That’s a really good song, isn’t it? What a great weekend you guys all had. I love a ‘city break’. I think I’d like to go and stay at the Cambridge myself… x

    • You should if you get a chance. There were some fab little restaurants and pubs around (if were ever go back sans kids!) and the staff were really lovely xx

  5. Hello 🙂
    Just stumbled across your blog recently and i have to comment to say that little video you made is fantastic! I take so many photos of my kids and always forget to record video footage but this has really inspired me. Did you have a separate handycam? or use your normal camera? It looks like you had so much fun. I am also inspired to book some accomodation and do something fun just like this!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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