The prompt for day 14 of ‘blogging every day in May’ with Claire Hewitt is

My favourite image of all time.  

Seashell by Jacki Bruniquel

Without a doubt it has to be this one of my two boys.  It was taken in South Africa by my amazing talented cousin Jacki Bruniquel.  I think she even won and award for this image.

If you have a spare hour or two five minutes and you love photography you should pop over to her blog JACKI BRUNIQUEL and have a look at her work.  It will blow your mind!!

You can also follow her on Facebook HERE.

Do you have a favourite image?


21 comments on “Seashell by Jacki Bruniquel”

  1. It sure is a good one. Off to go check out the rest of her stuff now. I hope you have this blown up and on your wall, it’s too good for being just on line.

  2. Special photo. How lucky for you to have such a talented cousin xx I really couldn’t say what my favourite image was. One of my favourite is my son and me, just before he walked me down the aisle the day I got married.

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