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I missed the sculptures by the sea last year, so I swore that I would get there this year.  Mr D wasn’t keen at all because he hates crowds.  “Are you out of your mind?? he looks at me as if I’d just asked him if I could have a kitten (which is actually on my mind but we’ll get to that another time).  “Bondi is busy enough on a normal day and you want go up there on a sunny weekend when there is a sculpture exhibition on??” He says it likes it’s a bad thing!  “We’ll never find a parking space and with three kids running off in different direction………” he mutters on.  Clearly I lost that battle!

I’m never one to lose altogether though and with a teeny bit of persuasion I managed to convince him that early evening in the week would be perfect.  Besides, it’s a bit of culture for the kids to experience and it provides the perfect topic for their weekly news at school.

mrs d plus 3 Sculptures by the sea 2014
It wouldn’t be a normal day without a tantrum or two!
mrs d plus 3 Sculptures by the sea 2014
You can’t walk past the Bondi Icebergs without taking a photo. It’s always spectacular.

mrs d plus 3 Sculptures by the sea 2014 mrs d plus 3 Sculptures by the sea 2014 mrs d plus 3 Sculptures by the sea 2014 Bondi sculptures 35

Mrs D plus 3 sculptures by the sea 2014
A quick birthday chat with cousin LA

Bondi sculptures 35

Bondi sculptures 14
I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much giggling came along with this one as we watched it being set up on the hill.

The sculptures were spread along the pathway between Bondi and Turramurra Beach and they really were awesome.  Some people are just so creatively clever.  I was pleased that a lot of the exhibits were hands on and it was nearly impossible to get the kids to ‘look with your eyes and not your hands’.  sculptures by the sea 38 Bondi sculptures 7 We stopped for some fresh, home made lemonade at the Grounds of Alexandria (one of my favourite coffee shops) little pop up beach shop.   mrs d plus 3 sculptures by the sea 46 The sculptures will be there for another week so if you get a chance to go and see them I really would. Hopefully you’ll get a parking space if it’s on the weekend.  I managed to take some great footage on my gopro too, so as soon as I get a change to edit it I post that too.

Would you risk the crowds to go and see something you really wanted to see?

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19 comments on “Sculptures by the sea 2014”

    • I wonder if they’ll have the same pieces when they get to you. You’ll have to post some photos if you get to go xx

  1. Lovely to see you’re getting out and about with the camera Robyn and you’re taking some lovely photo’s too! Those sculptures are amazing! Aren’t some people just so talented! I would have wanted to see them too. What a great idea it is 🙂 Min xo

  2. I love to visit this exhibition during the week after school. School It’s perfect then and the kids can wander around at their own pace. I hate crowds, still scarred by the time I lost the youngest for ten minutes during the Christmas Carols concert in Martin Place…

    • You know you are about the 5th person I know that has lost a child at Christmas Carols – heart stopping moments. A close friend of mine lost her little girl at the new years eve fireworks – SCARY!!

  3. Love sculpture by the sea and the Bondi to bronze walk (miss them both). I love how hands on it usually is. As you said it is so much easier to enjoy when the kids can touch and climb inside some of the sculptures. We have yet to get to our version up here (swell at Currumbin but on that case parking is impossible lol) xx

  4. Wow! Your pictures are ace. I missed out last year and if I don’t get a move on I won’t make it this year either. I can’t face the crowds on the weekend but might be able to squeeze in a sneak peek after work one night. Failing that I will just enjoy it vicariously through your pics!

    • I love being near the beach!! Imagine having one of those in your back garden. Kids would love me forever!! x

  5. ok that baby is a bit disturbing!! Your kids are gorgeous though. We have a sculpting exhibition on the beach at Currumbin every year and I always forget to go. This year I insisted we go … on a Saturday afternoon WITH THE DOG…omg…during the week DEFINITELY next time! Glad you got to go! x aroha

    • Ok you are officially mad! But then again if it wasn’t for Mr D’s complaining I would have done the same!

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