It’s the very last day of the year today and it’s a good thing I did a little review of my year a couple of weeks ago as I haven’t had a spare minute since Christmas.

My mum and dad arrived from London on the 28th,  which was a HUGE surprise as we weren’t expecting them at all.  They were lucky enough to get a last minute standby flight from my brother who is a Cathay Pacific pilot.  I knew the day before they got here that they were on their way, and we kept it a total surprise from the kids.  They were beside themselves excited when Granny and Grandpa arrived – actually so was I!!!!  It’s been the perfect end to a great year.  Gran and grandpa visit 2014 1

We’re off to see the 9pm family fireworks on the beach tonight and will probably bring in the New Year on the our deck, with a bottle of champers and the Sydney fireworks on the telly.

Thank you all so much for reading and supporting Mrs D plus 3 throughout the last year.  I wish you the very very best of everything for 2015.  I’m feeling so positive that it’s going to be a great year.


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