Not a great photo I know, but I didn’t have room for my camera!

Firstly lets just have a look at the tent!! Remember I told you have much I wanted a Teepee Tent.…well here it is.  Isn’t it pretty??  It may look like I’ve got my own way (maybe I did just a little) but ACTUALLY Mr D did lots of researchy type looking at other tents and came to realise that the lovely Teepee is really quite practical and not just ‘pretty’. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it up with pretty buntings and fairly lights and other ‘essential’ glamping attire because the camp site we stayed at was only accessible by boat!!! Yep, you heard that right! We had to carry EVERYTHING onto to a little ferry to get to The Basin.  A little gem in the Pittwater just half an hour on the ferry from Palm Beach (you know, the beach where Home & Away is filmed).

No happy at being woken up from her car nap to get on a boat!

Luckily Mr D has home on some Gardening Leave so he did a great job with all the packing!! All we took in one case was an outfit to sleep in and something to wear the next day (x 5 of us) – which actually ended up being nothing as a certain little Miss L unpacked the suitcase without me realising and I gave Mr D the thumbs up to close it.  The other suitcase was full of sleeping bags and pillows (and only 2 beds!!!!!!!).  Lastly there was food and of course THE TENT!!  Thank goodness we can take the car and trailer to our next campsite as I think we’d need ALOT more luggage than this.

View from the ferry boat as we’re approaching The Basin – SO beautiful it could easily pass as the Caribbean

I’d never been to The Basin before and was just blown away by how beautiful it was.  The water was crystal clear and there were lots of little white boats bobbing around.  The sky was bluer than blue and there was not a breath of wind (which was a small miracle as the forecast was BAD!) The weather gods must have known it was first trip and felt sorry for me.

The campsite was really really pretty and it didn’t take us long to set up at all.  However just as the tent was going up (Mr D erecting it, me supervising) a HUGE Goanna just wondered right through the middle.  It tongue was going in and out at the rate of knots and it looked like it could eat Miss L for breakfast.  I think my feet actually came off the ground when I first saw it, much to everyone’s amusement.  The kids weren’t bothered by it at all (true little Aussie’s) and Miss L even learnt to say “izzard!!”

See I told you it was big!!
Never go camping without wine :))  It takes the edge off everything
We only stayed one night and the kids had an absolute ball.  I can totally see why camping is one of the best types of holidays for little kids.
I had a great time too, although it was just a teeny bit too basic for me.  One night was just perfect – or maybe I could have squeezed two.  I’m not sure I could last much longer without any hot water or a proper bed (of the camping kind) or a change of clothes!!  It was a great taster trip though and I’m even more excited about our big trip at Easter.
These two little monkeys were helping with the washing up.
The kids spent hours in the water.  I couldn’t resist a swim either and it was a beautiful as it looks
Miss L talking to the local wildlife “Hello hop hop wobbaly (wallabie)”

Do you love camping??  I think I might be hooked now, although I will tell you for sure after Easter.

Where is your favourite place to camp with the kids??

Have a great weekend

13 comments on “My FIRST night camping!”

  1. Wow….I love The Basin although I am not going to admit how many years it has been since I was there! Glad you had fun and you will grow to love your camping adventures and yes you are spot on….it’s soooo good for kids!

    • Ah thanks Kaz, I love it too – can’t wait to glam it up properly!! I do know what you mean about one though – it can be an awful lot of effort for such a short stay. Baby steps for me though, lol! xx

  2. Looks like you had fun and you were lucky with the weather, too! We went camping not so long ago and it rained the entire weekend!

    • Oh NOOOOOO!!! I think I would have packed up and gone home. Everyone keeps telling me how dodgy the weather can over Easter, so I’m just praying it stays dry xx

  3. Aww you guys look so relaxed – and I can’t wait til we go away, it’s my dream to do four big trips a year, enough to justify a two or three bedroom suckers, one that we can all stand up and walk in and around! Hubby wants a camper trailer, they are also FAB. xx

    • That’s exactly what Mr D says Em. It just need to see how the first big trip goes and then I think we’ll be hooked. We looked at a camper tailer too and they are so fab!! Maybe we’ll come and camp near you guys soon xxx

  4. You are right, it is such a lovely spot and your photos totally do it justice. They are really good. I think the Basin is wonderful because there are no cars. Absolutely brilliant for kids. And I think Mr D did a great job packing on the trolley….a must for when you can’t drive up to your site.
    Desire Empire


  5. I LOVE camping! It was the first weekend away Mr Surfer and I ever spent. And it was full on. No running water, no toilet facilities, bushwalking with huge heavy backpacks, teeny tiny one man tent! Loved it!!!
    Trust me, you will love it too! x

  6. Our family loves going over to the basin but we usually go for about 10 days, my 4 girls love it ranging from 6 to 11 now but have been going over there now for about 6 years. the girls and i usually head there and hubbie comes over later in between work, go back again there for sure you will love it

  7. Hi there, I just found your blog as I was researching camping on Pittwater! I LOVE your tent, can I please ask where you got it and how long to put up? Thanks so much!

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