It’s day 4 of Blogging Every (single) Day in May with Claire Hewitt and today’s prompt is:

My Earliest Memory 

This is a tough one (especially after having 20 five year old girls over for a birthday party in our garden this morning).

When I think of my earliest memories I can’t quite differentiate between what I actually remember and what are in the photographs my mum has kept.  Do I remember the event or just the picture? Does anyone else have this problem??

I thought I’d just a list a few of the really early ones that really stand out (and in no particular order – except that they were all loooong ago).

  • I remember being a bridesmaid for my Aunty’s wedding with a boy haircut because my cousin cut all my hair off during a game of hairdressers we were playing the day before.
  • I remember getting the bus to school and the bus driver was in love with our nanny and always used to give me little love notes to hand to her.
  • I remember cutting my shin on something swimming in the lagoon at the beach and almost passing out from the all the blood, while trying to find my mum. (Nothing has changed there as I’m still just as squeamish when it comes to blood).
  • I remember when we got our first puppy, Sparky, and he had to have casts on both his front legs.  We though it was so funny when he tried to run down the passage at home and kept slipping and sliding all over the place.  Poor little thing!
  • I remember when the boiler on the outside of our house caught fire.
  • I remember when the sugar cane fields surrounding our first house where burnt (harvested) and the soot fell out of the sky like black rain all over the garden.
  • I remember when my Gran got chased by an egyptian spitting cobra across the lounge room of her house (only in Africa!!)
  • I remember spending hours (or what seemed like hours) totally engrossed in books in the library when my mum was working as the local Librarian.
  • I remember when my baby sister tried to eat a frog in the back garden.
  • I remember looking for lizard eggs under this huge tree in the garden and then wrapping them in cotton wool and putting them in a match box, hoping they would hatch (they never did).
  • I remember loosing my first tooth and being too terrified to look under my pillow the next morning just in case the fairy was still there.
  • I remember going on a family holiday to Zimbabwe and the house we stayed at had big, scary fish in the swimming pool.
  • I remember being happy.

Wow!  I have loved writing this post.  Thanks for the prompt Claire.  I hope my kids grow up with some wonderful memories too.

What’s your earliest memory? It’s not that easy to pin point is it?

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