Four amazing reasons why 2013 is going to be awesome!

As I sit here on the eve of one year staring towards the horizon of another, I thought I’d make myself a little list of resolutions for the new year to help keep me on track.  As strange as this may sound, I have never actually written down any new years resolutions before.  I’ve often half-heartedly thought of a few (normally to loose a couple more kilos off my belly), but have never actually made a proper list and stuck to it!  So this year (or next?? bit confusing when you’re sitting on the edge of a new year) I am going to do just that!

My list

  • Loose that last 6 kilos off my belly (ok, I know! But I really, really do need to kick that last bit of baby weight).  Thought I’d put that one down first and get it out of the way.
  • Meal Plan!  Why I have never managed to do this before I do not know!  Everyone meal plans’ right??  It is something that I have always been meaning to start doing and for some reason just never do.  I have lost count on the number of times I have had to rush out to the shops (with 3 whingy kids in tow) just to pick up that ONE missing ingredient for the dinner that I’m trying to make.  If anyone has any good apps or meal plan suggestion please send them my way.
  • Become a better juggler!  Being nanny mummy to three little cherubs under 6 requires a certain amount of juggling.  That goes without saying, but my goal is to try and drop less balls along the way.  As much as I love my iphone calendar I think this year I am going to go against the grain and go back to paper (with the iphone as back up of course).  I’m going actually use a diary next year instead of using my head (which if you cracked open would resemble a sieve).  Mr D if you are reading this, a lovely 2013 diary would make a great birthday pressie next week!!!!!
  • Learn to say No.  I’m pretty sure if you asked Mr D and the kids they’d say I was an expert at saying No.  However, my biggest problem is that I always think I can do more than I actually can and that is often when I start to drop balls (back to the juggling).  I was particularly bad at this during the second half of this year and ended up feeling that I was not doing anything properly.
The top 5 things that matter the most to me for 2013:
  1. Making sure my kids have another great year at school
  2. Making sure I have a set amount of quality time with each of my munchins every week
  3. Time for me and Mr D
  4. Growing my blog
  5. Growing Candy Bows
  • I will spent much less time ironing in 2013.  The control freak in me was just not able to let go of ironing almost ALL the washing (which is ALOT in our house) and it often ended up causing me huge amounts of stress as it piled up.  I will NOT be at the mercy of it next year (gulp).
  • Growing my blog.  Ever since staring this blog earlier this year I have found it to be a little piece of something just for me!  I just love love writing it and my goal next year is to get myself more ‘out there’ (cyber space that is).  I’m so flattered by how many people read my ramblings and I would love to grow my member list to 100 by the end of next year.  I am on 21 members at the moment, so if you’d like to join MrsD, then just click on the “home” page at the top and you can join up (on the right hand side).  I also have so many exciting changes up my sleeve for next year, so you’ll just have to watch this space now, won’t you?
I will not be afraid to change!
  • Growing Candy Bows.  For those of you that don’t already know, I have a little business which I run from home, so that I can work around my kids.  I supply the most gorgeous hair bows, hair accessories and tutus for little girls. “Pretty little things for Pretty little people”.  I have a Facebook page, which you can find by clicking here.  I currently have 293 ‘likes’ and by the end of next year I would love have 1000.  I have had so much fun with Candy Bows this year and am really proud of my progress.  Next year is going to be even better.
  • Appreciation.  I just want to say that I am the luckiest person alive.  I am loved and I have the most wonderful family.  I will make sure that every day next year I remember that.
I think I am going to stop there as I don’t want to give myself too many balls (for fear of dropping them again).  I am going to come back to this blog post half way through the year to check on my progress.  (Nothing like keeping it accountable!) and will be sure to let you know how I’m doing.
Well that is me, over and out, for 2012.  I thank you all for all your support of both Mrs D and Candy Bows.  It has meant the world and gives me a constant supply of motivation.  Wishing you both a fantastic New Year’s Eve, whatever you may be doing, and a fabulous 2013.  Extra Extra special wishes to my wonderful family who are dotted all over the world. This one is for you xxx
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