Term 4 has hit me like a snowball rolling down a mountain, and my level of ‘busy’ness (as apposed to business) seems to be gaining momentum as I speak.  Life with three kids just seems to take over everything and all those clear visions I gained at the Pro Blogger Conference I went to a couple of months back have stared to blur into the background.

I recently read a post about ‘taking stock’ of your life at this current moment by one of my favourite bloggers, Che at IndieBerries (which you can read here).  It really got me thinking – that before I disappear into a life of homework, ironing, cooking dinners and negotiating tantrums I need to stop this train and just take stock of where I am right now!  Don’t get me wrong, being a mum is awesome and truly rewarding (most of the time) but I do need some things for me too – to keep my sanity if anything.

Long reef cliff walk

Making: I’m in the middle of making ‘get ready charts’ to try and streamline our morning routines. It can get a little crazy trying to get out the door on time for school in the mornings and with Miss H starting school next year I need to organise the chaos!!  I would much rather be making an e-book or something similar but more on that another time (when I have time!!!!)
Cooking:  I have just cooked a load of kid friendly thermomix dinners and put them in the freezer!!  I know, I know I’m showing off aren’t I?  I have actually been working on part two of a post I did  My top five super easy kids dinners in the Thermomix.  It has been so popular that I thought I would do another one to add some more variety.
Drinking: A cup of Buddha’s Tears.  Except this time I am doing my best not to spill it all over my hand causing severe burns (yes I did that!!).
Reading:  Do blogs count?? I have actually just finished reading ‘The Help’.  My lovely neighbour brought a kindle from her book club for me to borrow.  It was so thoughtful of her that I couldn’t give it back without reading anything.  Great book – I need to see the movie now.  Has anyone seen it??
Wanting:  Ahhhh this is a bad one – I could go on an on and on!!  What I really want the most right now is a little trip back to London to meet my new niece and to see my friends and family.  It’s been ages since we’ve been back and I’m really missing everyone :((((
Looking:  At a beautiful, big Jacaranda tree outside my window that is in full purple bloom. Gorgeous!!!
Playing:  James Morrison.  Really missing the Brits now aren’t I?
Wasting:  Away!  I haven’t had any lunch yet and I’m starving, but if I don’t get going on this post Miss L will wake up from her sleep and my precious lunch time golden hour will be gone. Food, you will just have to wait!!
Sewing:  If only!!!  But if someone wants to sew me a bunting, I could really do with one for Master J’s new bedroom??????
Wishing:  My golden lunch time hour was a bit longer.
Enjoying:  The quiet.  When you have three noisy kids, silence really is golden!
Waiting:  For the Foxtel man (or lady) to come and install a multi-room TV box.  I’m actually quite excited about having our lounge TV back.  Cartoons are strictly for the playroom from now on (I hope……..)
Liking:  The family photos that Mr D has just put up on the walls of our new house.  It’s really starting to feel like home now 🙂
Loving:  My kids.  Man they drive me crazy some days, but really they are all just scrumptious, gorgeous little people!
Hoping: My sprained ankle would hurry up and heal so that I can get back to my fitness class. My fight against the baby bulge is on going…….
Marvelling:  At the incredibly amazing job the fire fighters are doing here in NSW to protect everyone from the horrible bush fires over the last week.
Needing:  Some technical and design help for my blog.  I get so frustrated that I can’t do it myself!
Smelling:  The Frangipani flowers wafting in from outside.
Wearing:  A red and yellow maxi dress and flip flops (or thongs – I still can’t get used to that word for shoes, it’s underwear!!).
Following:  All news on the disappearance on Madeline McCann.  This story for some reason has stuck with me since the very first day it happened.  I just so wish they could find her.
Noticing:  That sugar free diets seem to becoming more and more trendy!  Is it really possible to be completely sugar free ALL THE TIME??
Thinking:  About what to get Master J from his birthday.  He turns 7 next week.  SEVEN!!!
Knowing:  That my mum and dad are coming to visit us at the end of this year.  I CAN NOT WAIT!
Bookmarking:  All ideas for a new project that I have up my sleeve for next year.  Watch this space!!  Oh and all things Christmas – it tends to creep up on me.
Opening:  A packet of raw almonds (still not had lunch yet!)
Giggling:  At Miss L’s dance moves.  She’s got the hip swing down!!
Feeling:  Overwhelmed.  I have got so much I want to do and I just don’t know where to start!!

It was actually quite therapeutic doing that.

When was the last time you took stock of the right now???  I challenge you to do it.


10 comments on “Taking Stock: Making time for me”

  1. I did this just a little while ago and I really enjoyed it – lots of fun and a great way to learn more about fellow bloggers !!!
    The Help – I read the book and saw the movie – it wasn’t bad – but not as good as the book (I didn’t think anyway !!)
    Have the best day !

    • Oh good I’m glad I read the book first then!! It might have to be my movie choice for tonight. There never seems to be anything good on a Saturday night at the moment!! Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. I also did this a little while ago. It was such a good way to reflect on the present moment, and also capture it so be able to look back on. I’m currently looking into meals to cook and freeze for once our new babe arrives, so I’ll be sure to check out your post for some inspiration! Happy Friday!

    • Such a great thing to do as the last thing you’re going to feel like doing is cooking! Mince and soups are always good ones to freeze as there is so much you can do with quickly!! Good luck xxxx

  3. I wanna do this too! I need to take some time out for me soon or I will go completely crazy rather than just a little bit crazy.

    “The Help” was one of those rare beasts for me – a better movie than book. x

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