lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU A couple of weeks ago I won a competition to have lunch with Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim, Rachel Devine from Sesame Ellis and some of the Olympus AU team at The Grounds of Alexandria.  To say that I was excited was a complete understatement.  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Chantelle a couple of times in the past at various blogging events, but I was always too shy to say more than two words to her.  I absolutely LOVE her blog and it’s one of just a handful that I read religiously.

Rachel is a wonderful photographer and she actually took the headshot of me that appears at the top of my blog at the Pro blogger conference a year ago.

So like I said I said, I was very excited.

Chantelle asked us to bring one child with us and I decided to take Hollie.  It was a bit of a rush getting there as we had to go and watch Josh play rugby first (I’d missed the last couple of games and he wasn’t happy about it).  We set off with JUST enough time to get there, according to the sat nav, but unfortunately we hit the worlds worst Saturday traffic.  If that wasn’t bad enough, I got pulled over and breathalised and had to compete with half of Sydney to find a parking space!

We got there 15 minutes late and slightly flustered (well I was anyway) but Chantelle was just so lovely and welcoming and we fitted in straight away.  She gave Hollie a bag of lollies and a pretend camera, which basically means they’re BFF’s now.   lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU
lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU The workshop was all about teaching the kids to love photography, and Rachel was so amazing at explaining all the basic rules in a simplified way, that I think they actually got it. She taught them about the rule of thirds, framing and colour.  Hollie lapped it up and I loved just watching her.  After she’d had a little practice with a toy chimp that Chantelle had given her, the Olympus team gave each kid a REAL camera to play with (very brave of them).  I got to play with one too and I have to admit it was so great that I think I could be swayed away from Canon.
lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU It was the most beautiful sunny day and The Grounds of Alexandria is an absolute explosion of colour.  We set off to take our photos and I let Hollie lead the way.  It was so interesting watching her little creative brain take over, and to see her world thought the lens instead of mine. I think she was equally as delighted to be behind the lens for a change instead of in front of it.  She took hundreds of photos and when I got home I was actually quite amazed at how wonderful some of them were.
lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU

lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU - macro pink flower

lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU - rainbows and roses lunch with FMS and olympus lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU It was so lovely to spent some quality time with just my big girl and of course to meet Chantelle properly.  Hollie learnt so much about taking her own photos and hasn’t stopped since we got home (much to the annoyance of her big brother).  I also learned to be a little more relaxed with my camera and to let her use it to explore her own world.  (Not sure how long that will last though, I think Santa might be bringing her a lovely new Olympus camera of her own).

Thank you so much Chantelle, Rachel and the Olympus team for a wonderful morning.

Have you ever given your child a camera with no restrictions and seem what they come up with?

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26 comments on “Lunch with Fat Mum Slim and Olympus AU”

  1. It looks like a glorious afternoon, I was totally tempted to rent-a-kid just for the chance to have fun with photos and hang out with Chantelle! What spectacular photos, Holly’s just like her mumma, the girl’s got skillz!

  2. It was an awesome day wasn’t it! Seeing all of the kids getting into the photography was amazing. I’m usually a bit scared to let them use my camera though!! And the flowers…wow they were amazing!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos by both of you! Your Hollie is as clever as she is cute! I’ve always been a Nikon girl but I have to say I’m loving my new Olympus to pieces.

    • I have to say I am VERY tempted to get one of those Olympus cameras. I do love my canon but that one was just so hand bag friendly and it took brilliant photos too. xx

    • Isn’t she just so lovely? I was pretty impressed with what Hollie shot, although for every great shot she got, she also got about 50 out of focus shots too, lol xx

    • It was a good reminder for me to let the kids be more creative that’s for sure. As for the opportunity – amazing indeed. We were very very lucky xx

  4. I’ve given the children our first digital cameras recently, they were keen to capture the kookaburras in the paddock. Occasionally I let them use my camera as well (though never their sister’s that’s the high quality deal)
    It amazes me what they take and some photos show real promise

    • I think it is such a good idea too. I have to just keep reminding myself to let them do there own thing and try not to interfere in their creativity. xx

  5. It was such a great day wasn’t it? You got some absolutely lovely photos. I’ve even given in to Miss C’s pleas to join IG. After Rachel told them her kids were on there I had no hope! She is on her 2nd day of #photoaday and is just loving it!

    • I bet she is. I’m still a little unsure about the whole IG thing with my kids (its the hashtags that worry me), but I am open to negotiation :))

  6. I am just slightly, ok a lot jealous! I love giving my daughters the (old) camera and letting them get creative with it. They come up with the best photos, though often a little blurry as they are still getting the hang of lightly pressing the shutter button.

    • Lol, yes we got A LOT of blurry ones too but I was so impressed with the few shots she did get. I would never have thought of giving her a camera and I’m so glad I did. The younger the better I think :))

    • So lovely to see you again. I actually bought Hollie a camera on the way home. I just loved how much she was into it and want her to keep going. Luckily she is too young to even know what IG is so I’ve still got a bit of time there :))

    • Thanks. It was so lovely to just spend a couple of hours solely with her. It’s so easy to spread yourself thin as a parent when you have more than one kid xx

  7. Oh my gosh, Robyn! She is just so darn cute and an amazing photographer too. Looks as though you have a budding photographer on your hands. It sounds as though it was a wonderful event with some very talented women, including yourself x #teamIBOT

    • Ah thanks lovely. She did take A LOT of blurry photos, but there were a few in there that totally blew me away. xx

  8. Hello there, absolutely beautiful photos. I have a sad story to tell. I bought a second hand Canon 5 Mk1 with a 35 – 70mm lens. The kids used it a fair bit when we were at Dubbo Zoo. But as it was handed back to me one day, our fingers didn’t quite meet and the lens was SMASHED… it’d cost over $1500 new… I’ve never replaced it… must look for a second hand one for Xmas!!

    My twins would love a proper camera now they’re older.

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