Day 3: Changing Tracks – A song that you hear that reminds you of a certain time in your life 

You and Me by Lifehouse is one of my all time favourite songs, mostly because it has a double whammy meaning for me.  Every time I hear it (which isn’t very often) it stops me dead in my tracks and I just listen……… I love that about songs, how they can just transport you to a whole other time in your life in a matter of seconds.

You and Me was released in 2006 when I was pregnant with Master J.  It was my first pregnancy and I was utterly consumed by it.  I had every book you can imagine and I obsessed over every detail and picture of how he was changing and growing inside me every day.  With no sibling to look after it was literally just him and me.  I couldn’t stop listening to this song and it still reminds me now of how I treasured that little thing growing inside me.

Mr and D and I got married 18 months after Master J was born and ‘You and Me’ was the song we chose for our first dance.  This time is was just him and me in that moment and I will never forget that either.

Do you have a song takes you right back to a moment (or two) in another time?

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8 comments on “My wedding song ‘Lifehouse You and Me’”

  1. Love how songs do that and I blogged about it in my challenge! Forever Young was played at my sisters funeral, every time I hear it on the radio it’s like she’s saying hello…

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